Mailchimp App for Volusion

Send customer & order details to Mailchimp from your Volusion store - including ecommerce data & campaign tracking.

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A Mailchimp Integration So Powerful You Won't Know How You Did Business Without It

Connect your store with a Mailchimp list in less than 60 seconds. Our integration transfers customer and order details in real-time, including campaign tracking, products sold & purchase amounts.

  • Instantly connect your Volusion store with Mailchimp
  • Integration built on Mailchimp's latest API (3.0)
  • Transfer customer and order details instantly
  • Use ecommerce data to create campaigns & automation workflows
  • Track campaign effectiveness, measure customer interaction

Know what’s working with your email marketing

Use our integration to connect your Volusion store with Mailchimp. Once activated, we'll send customer and campaign tracking details, order IDs, transaction amounts and much more so you can optimize your e-mail marketing efforts.

No More Spreadsheets

Customer and order details are automatically imported with our integration, eliminating the task of manually importing your data into Mailchimp.

More Awesome Features

  • Mailchimp subscriber status sync
  • Set customized sending filters
  • Grab old order information with a custom data pull
  • ecommerce data stays accurate when orders are cancelled, returned or declined
  • Merges data with existing subscribers
  • Trigger double opt-ins

Additional Information & Help

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