Connect or Disconnect Mailchimp for Volusion

Mailchimp for Volusion is a free integration that adds your customers and their order information to your Mailchimp audience. Use Volusion purchase data to send targeted campaigns, generate custom product recommendations, track and measure campaign ROI, and more.

In this article, you’ll learn how to connect or disconnect Mailchimp for Volusion.

Before You Start

Here are some things to know before you begin this process.

  • You will need a Volusion 2 account to connect Mailchimp for Volusion.
  • To view the e-commerce features supported by this integration, visit the Volusion listing in your account.
  • This integration is compatible with our API version 3.0.

How It Works

When you connect your Volusion store to Mailchimp, your existing products, orders, and customer information will sync directly to your Mailchimp account. After you sync your store, you can use abandoned cart emails, product recommendations, and more.

Connect Mailchimp for Volusion

To connect Mailchimp for Volusion, you'll install the app and set your sync settings.

Connect to Mailchimp

  1. Log in to your Volusion store.
  2. Click App Store.
    Volusion - Main Admin Navigation - Click App Store
  3. Find the Mailchimp listing and click the icon.
    Volusion app store - cursor clicks - Mailchimp app
  4. Click Install in the pop-up modal.
    Install Mailchimp for Volusion - cursor click - app modal
  5. Follow the prompts to link your existing Mailchimp account to Volusion, or create a new one.
    Mailchimp for Volusion app - cursor clicks - yes I have an account
  6. Input your Mailchimp login credentials, and click Log In.
    Volusion 3

After you log in, you'll be redirected to the Sync Settings page.

Choose Sync Settings

  1. Click the drop-down to choose the Mailchimp audience where you'll store customer information, or create a new one.
    Mailchimp for Volusion - cursor clicks - choose a list
  2. Check Sync my Volusion Customer List to add existing customers to your audience.
  3. Click Next.

All set! We'll start to sync your store to your Mailchimp account. After the sync, you'll be able to access Mailchimp's e-commerce features.
Volusion 5

View Site Details

In your Mailchimp account, you can visit the Connected Sites page to view site details for your store, which allows you to quickly see the status of the integration or add and manage e-commerce tools.

To view your site details, follow these steps.

  1. Log in to your Mailchimp account.
  2. Click your profile name and choose Connected Sites.
    Cursor clicks profile name and chooses connected sites.

From here, you'll be able to view your synced audience, or add and monitor e-commerce automations that use data from your connected Volusion store.

Next Steps

After you connect to Mailchimp for Volusion, you can do a lot with the the data you collect, like build segments, send abandoned cart emails, product recommendations, and more.

Find out everything Mailchimp has to offer with our guides.

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Disconnect Mailchimp for Volusion

To disconnect Mailchimp for Volusion, follow these steps.

  1. Log in to your Volusion store.
  2. Click App Store.
  3. Click the Mailchimp icon.
  4. In the drop-down menu, click Uninstall.
    Volusion uninstall MC
  5. Click Confirm Uninstall.
    Mailchimp for Volusion - Cursor click - confirm uninstall


If a site is disconnected, we'll automatically pause e-commerce automations that use shared site data. If you want to reconnect your site later, be sure to follow the complete installation instructions for your e-commerce platform or website and restart any affected automations.

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