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Get to know your customers better

Mailchimp’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool helps you capture leads, automate your messaging, and stay top of mind with your audiences.

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Mailchimp has all the CRM tools your small business needs

Ready to start managing your audience data all in one place?

A dashboard showing a variety of tags associated with customers.

Understand customer data and act on it

Discover pre-built segments like top locations, recent sources of growth, common tags, and customer lifetime value (CLV)—our audience dashboard shows it all.

An example of a Mailchimp Email Automation within the Mailchimp Dashboard

Automations that are always on—even when you’re off

Never miss an opportunity to connect with people when it matters, so you can turn shoppers into loyal customers.

A mobile phone displaying a notification that says, "Ramona came into the store on 4/22 to ask about our new line."

Stay connected with Mailchimp’s mobile app

Collect and organize new contacts wherever you meet them, whether it’s at an event, in your store, or elsewhere.

Start building customer relationships

Pick A Plan

Manage and organize your contacts in one robust, easy-to-use tool

Organize your contacts

Segments, tags, and groups all work in slightly different ways to help you create structure, keep track of your audiences, and grow your business.

Get insights about your audience

Our reports will help you discover patterns in audience behavior and see what’s working with your marketing.

Build personalized experiences

Our behavioral targeting and personalization tools help you make sure your marketing speaks to individual customers across channels.

Mailchimp for CRM has helped UrbanSitter boost revenue and reach more than 1 million customers in more than 60 cities.

See how Mailchimp’s all-in-one Marketing Platform helps you build relationships

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