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Intuit and Shopify team up to help Mailchimp and QuickBooks Desktop Customers Succeed with Shopify POS

Shopify is now the preferred point‑of‑sale provider for Intuit QuickBooks Desktop customers and makes Mailchimp easier to use for non‑Plus Shopify merchants in North America

Intuit, the global financial technology platform that makes TurboTax, Credit Karma, QuickBooks, and Mailchimp, today shared that it's teaming up with Shopify to help Mailchimp and QuickBooks Desktop customers succeed and grow. Shopify will become the preferred POS migration partner for QuickBooks Desktop customers after Intuit sunsets QuickBooks Desktop POS later this year, offering a customized Point of Sale (POS) solution that integrates with QuickBooks Desktop Financial Software and Mailchimp is now Shopify’s preferred email partner for all non-Plus Shopify POS customers in North America.

Mailchimp and Shopify POS

Non-Plus Shopify POS merchants can power their marketing with Mailchimp in North America to use a direct integration with Mailchimp to combine the power of purchase data with marketing data and use those insights to help drive conversions, increase revenue, and reach more customers at the right point of their buying journey.

Having an e-commerce presence is only one piece of the puzzle for merchants who sell online. Tapping into the marketing tools they need in an easily accessible way saves them time and money, helps them get more done in one place, and drives sales. With the combined power of Mailchimp and Shopify, merchants can leverage data from billions of marketing interactions plus their customers’ purchase and shopping behavior to understand who to target and how to generate traffic to their store, convert customers, and drive repeat business. Non-Plus Shopify POS merchants in North America can unite their storefront purchase data with their e-commerce data to yield even more insights about their customers to create personalized experiences, automate their marketing, and make more sales. Merchants can use that data to build:

QuickBooks Desktop and Shopify POS

Shopify’s offering provides QuickBooks Desktop customers with a modern POS and payments system. It manages in-store and online sales in one place with features including remote access, enhanced reporting, a modern user interface, and multi-channel selling.

For existing QuickBooks Desktop POS customers, Shopify is providing special pricing and a migration path to its system, including free data transfer, guided on-boarding, and 24x7 dedicated support. More information about Shopify’s modern, POS solution for new and existing QuickBooks Desktop customers is here.

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