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How To Build Your B2B Marketing Automation Strategy

B2B marketing automation tools can be a game changer, when leveraged correctly. Learn how to build a strong marketing automation strategy with this guide.

Having an effective marketing strategy is essential for all businesses. Whether you own a small business or a large enterprise, marketing is how you can reach new customers and influence their buying decision.

But if you want to grow your business and enhance your marketing strategies, B2B marketing automation is the way to go. With B2B marketing automation, you can increase your team's productivity while expanding your marketing efforts and driving sales for your business.

But what is B2B marketing automation, and how can it benefit your business? We'll be going over that and more in the article below.

B2B automation can streamline your business processes and improve the efficiency of your marketing and sales teams. Continue reading to learn more about how to implement B2B marketing automation into your marketing strategy and nurture leads for your business.

What is a B2B marketing strategy?

B2B marketing, or business-to-business marketing, refers to any marketing strategy directed at another business or corporation. So rather than trying to reach individual consumers with your marketing strategies, you're trying to reach other companies.

Any company that sells products or services to other businesses will likely use a B2B marketing strategy. Some examples of B2B marketing strategies include paid social media campaigns, organic media, paid search, organic search, and B2B content marketing.

Paid marketing strategies are advertisements you pay to post on social media channels or similar platforms. In contrast, organic marketing mainly refers to word-of-mouth marketing that happens naturally over time.

Using a B2B marketing automation strategy for your business has many benefits, including:

Generates leads

B2B marketing is a great way to nurture leads because it helps you identify who is most likely to become paying customers so you can create content that is geared for them and encourages them to make a purchase.

Builds awareness

If you want to put your business at the forefront of your customer's minds and build awareness for your brand, B2B marketing is the way to go. With B2B marketing, you can quickly inform potential customers about your company and what you offer.

Drives traffic

B2B marketing is a great way to drive traffic towards your business because you can directly link to your company's website on your advertisements or posts.

Improves customer relationships

A successful business means having close relationships with your customers. With B2B marketing, you can improve your customer relationships by being easily accessible when they have any questions or concerns.

Proves valuable insight: B2B marketing is a great way to gain insight into your customer data so you can make changes to the sales funnel to improve the buyer's journey.

What is marketing automation?

If you want to improve your marketing solutions and increase the efficiency of your marketing and sales team, automation is the way to go. Marketing automation refers to software that can help automate repetitive tasks, such as email marketing, social media posting, and ad campaigns. So, rather than doing tedious marketing tasks by hand, your marketing automation tools can do it for you.

Workflow automation can streamline your marketing efforts so your marketing team can be more productive. It can help you create more personalized experiences for your customers and ensure that you create relevant content that appeals to your target audience.

Small businesses can use marketing automation for different types of marketing, including digital marketing, B2B marketing, and more.

B2B marketing automation examples

There are many ways that you can incorporate B2B automation into your marketing strategy. Marketing automation can help with everything from lead nurturing to improving the customer journey, but here are a few B2B marketing automation examples that can boost your marketing process:

Audience segmentation

Your business likely has a few different customers you sell to, so you need to reach those customers on different channels.

Marketing automation for B2B businesses can help with this. With audience segmentation, you can group your customers based on their interests, behaviors, demographics, etc. This information will help you create curated content that grabs their attention.

Lead nurturing

Lead nurturing refers to cultivating leads who have yet to be customers but who you think will soon become customers.

Identifying quality leads is very important for businesses so you know who to target your products or services to. With marketing automation, you can also do lead scoring, which uses AI to estimate the worthiness of leads and who is most likely to become a purchasing customer.

Customer service

Customer account support is essential for all businesses, and marketing automation can help increase customer satisfaction by improving customer service.

Many B2B marketing automation platforms offer live chat services, which can send automated responses to customer inquiries. Not only will this save you time because you don't have to reply to every question individually, but it will also help to deliver consistent, timely responses at all times.

Customer data tracking

If you want to create the best customer journey, you need to have insight into your customer's data, and you can achieve this with marketing automation. Marketing automation can help with customer data tracking by giving you a better view of your customer's likes and dislikes.

How to choose a B2B marketing automation software

There are various B2B marketing automation platforms that you can use, so make sure you choose one that is right for your company's needs. You can use marketing automation for email campaigns, social media marketing, digital marketing, etc.

There are a few features you should look for in marketing automation software, including:

Lead management

Look for marketing automation software that can handle lead information and perform various tasks like lead scoring and lead assigning.

Email campaigns

Every business uses email campaigns, so make sure you choose software that offers automated email marketing automation tools to improve your campaigns.


It's important to use marketing automation software that has customized templates so you can create content that reflects your brand. You should be able to easily create content using their templates and personalize them depending on your brand's image.

Social media marketing

Social media automation is an important feature to look for in any digital marketing automation software. You should be able to easily track and analyze your customer's data and post messages on your various platforms.

Personalized messages

If you want your customers to have a positive experience with your brand, you need to create customized experiences for each customer. Although marketing automation for B2B businesses makes it easy to send out mass emails to your entire contact list, that doesn't mean every email should look the same. Make sure you choose marketing automation software that allows you to create personalized messages.

Automatic alerts

There's a good chance that your entire marketing and sales team will use this marketing automation software, so choosing one that can send out real-time alerts is essential. For example, if there's a deadline or a change that needs to be made to a campaign, your software should automatically send out an alert to everyone on the team to keep them updated.

Workflow organization

If you want to improve the efficiency of your marketing efforts, you need to be organized, and a great way to do that is with marketing automation software. Marketing automation tools assist with workflow organization by helping you keep track of your marketing channels and sales pipeline.

These are all critical features to look for in a marketing automation platform, but if you want a comprehensive marketing automation platform that does it all, consider using Mailchimp. Mailchimp is an all-in-one solution for large and small business owners to help you optimize your marketing activities. With Mailchimp, you can accomplish all this at once to create an automated workflow that works for your business needs.

Make connections automatically

Marketing automation can improve your business in countless ways. Whether you want to reach more customers, improve the customer experience, or create better advertisements, marketing automation can do it all and more. And the best marketing automation platform to help you meet these needs is Mailchimp.

With Mailchimp's marketing automation, you can create better email campaigns that can turn your emails into revenue for your business. But Mailchimp doesn't only help with email marketing automation.

Mailchimp can help with everything from email automation to social media posting and digital marketing so that you can create the best possible content for your customers. Small and large businesses can benefit from using Mailchimp to improve their business and create a more efficient marketing process.

You can access various automation tools with Mailchimp, including tools to help with transactional emails, retargeting ads, integrations, drip campaigns, and more. You can also easily integrate your other business solutions into Mailchimp so you can accomplish your entire workday from our convenient, easy-to-use platform.

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