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Cool, Fancy, and Free: The Best Font Generators

Font generator tools can help you find or create the font that matches your brand’s identity. Browse our list of the best tools to find the one for you.

No matter what type of business you have, it’s vital to have a good digital marketing design. From your color choices to the way your website looks, your branding speaks volumes.

First impressions are lasting ones. That’s why a brand style guide is important for how your business exists in the world. Creating one gives you a professional appearance and can help you attract potential clients.

The type of font you choose is a significant piece of the branding puzzle. Font choice is an integral part of designing a beautiful website, but with so many choices available, it can be hard to settle on one. You might even be interested in creating your own or which font generator is best.

This article will explain the reasons that font choice is important for your brand and look at some of the best font generator tools.

Why font matters

Your branding represents the heart and soul of your business, and choosing the right font is a huge part of this message. This crucial design element contributes to a cohesive, beautiful look and also tells a story about your brand identity.

There are several things to consider when choosing a font. Typically, you’ll need 2 different fonts for your branding—a primary font that speaks to your brand identity and a secondary typeface for things like titles and descriptions. Sticking with these 2 fonts on all your platforms will help maintain brand consistency.

However, you should avoid choosing any more than a primary and secondary font and typeface. This is because too many fonts can make your branding look cluttered and confusing. Just like having too many colors or elements on your website, using the wrong fonts or multiple fonts could detract from your message and brand recognition.

So how should you decide what font to choose? There are a few do’s and don'ts.

One of the most important aspects of a font is easy readability. Depending on your business and branding, you might choose a more fun or quirky font with interesting letter shapes. But no matter what type of font you go with, the customer must be able to read it.

How do you determine readability? Look at things like the shape of the letters and the spacing between them. If the letters in a font are too close together, it might be hard to read. Likewise, lines that are too close together can decrease readability.

Another consideration is what type of personality you’re going for. So you may want to spend some time thinking about the energy you want to convey with your brand. Is it fun, hip, and modern? Does it lean more towards elegant, professional, or serious? Or is it creative or quirky? All of these are good questions to ask yourself when picking a font.

Your font helps to give your brand a voice. The good news is that there are many fonts to choose from, no matter your brand identity. However, what if you want something a little more special than the standard font repertoire? In a crowded digital space, you might want a one-of-a-kind font to help you stand apart from the crowd.

Let’s take a look at how to create your own font and a few popular font generator tools you can try.

11 font generator tools

Font generator is just a broad term encompassing an array of design tools. For example, a font generator may feature an interface where you can create or edit fonts. Or it could be a website where you can download pre-made ones. Whichever the case, font generators open up infinite options for creating cool, fancy, and stylish fonts.

What’s the best font generator? That may depend on personal preference, comfort level, and branding needs. Here are 11 font generators to get you started:


This font generator is excellent if you want to convert standard text into an attractive font that you can copy and paste anywhere, like a social media post. The fonts generated on Lingojam are part of the Unicode standard, meaning they fall into the category of textual characters that can be displayed on different types of devices.

So while you normally wouldn’t be able to copy and paste just any font, you can do it with the ones on LingoJam. To generate your font, simply type your text into the text box on their website. It will generate a selection of interesting fonts to pick from. Then, copy and paste the one you want and use it on social media.

Font Copy Paste is another font generator that allows you to pick from a variety of cool and stylish fonts. You can copy and paste the fonts and then use them on social media platforms like YouTube video descriptions, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Type in your text and then choose the glyphs that look good to you.

Font Meme

This neat generator provides typefaces that are inspired by ones seen in pop culture, movies, books, video games, and more. So if you’re not sure where to start but you have a certain aesthetic you want to achieve, Font Meme may have a great font for your brand.


Make your very own pixelated fonts with this free generator tool. There are a few ways to create fonts with BitFontMaker.

You can use a blueprint and layer the pixels over it, which takes the guesswork out of where to place the pixels to make a letter. Alternatively, you can look through the catalog of fonts that other people have created and then edit one you like to make it your own. Or, you can just start with one of the available sample fonts.

Online Text Generator

With Online Text Generator, you’ll use font themes to customize your very own graphic font style. For instance, you might try a Graffiti, Cartoon, Cursive, or Tribal theme and edit the font from there. The site also offers the option to choose from different styles within each theme, as well as an array of font colors.

Instagram Fonts

This tool is specifically geared towards fonts for Instagram use, but you can also use them in your website design. It’s especially useful for crafting a unique and engaging Instagram bio to help you stand out. This copy and paste tool also uses Unicode characters, so they’ll show up on any device.

Adobe Illustrator

This generator isn’t free, but it does offer a free trial. With Adobe Illustrator, you can sketch your own font design by hand, import it into Adobe Illustrator, and edit it to look exactly how you want.

From there, you can save and export the new custom font and start using it across your platforms. If you enjoy flexing your creative muscles or have lots of fonts to design, it could be worth the investment.


Glowtxt is a free font generator that produces fun, glowing text you can download. The site offers glow and animation options as well as many different colors and sizes. This tool is great for graphic art projects, blog headings, Facebook, and YouTube thumbnails.


This free tool offers downloadable fonts in a variety of typography styles. The fonts all consist of Unicode glyphs that can be read on any device. You can search and choose from a multitude of clean-looking fonts to suit many brand personalities.

FontGet fonts are also well-suited to making your Instagram bio stand out. Choose from typography themes like vintage, sans serif, horror, blocky, digital, science fiction, or wild west, to name just a few.


What sets this tool apart is that it generates customized icons. Icons can be an important part of your web design since icons are an easeful way to encourage visitors to click through their customer journey. With Fontello, you can customize icons, adjust their size, and even organize them into collections for easy categorization.


This free font designer lets you design exceptional fonts by adjusting every pixel in each letter. It also comes with a whole bunch of cool features, making it extremely versatile. For example, it offers pen and pointer editing tools and a mode that lets you use 2 screens to design your fonts.

Set the tone with the font

The above are just a few useful font generator tools available today. A font generator tool can make it easy to create stunning fonts for use across social media or on your website.

If you want to update the font on your whole website, you can even change the font in HTML to make your life easier. You can refresh your font’s color and size as well. Keeping your website up-to-date, including your fonts, also benefits your SEO.

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