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A Gallery of Successful Retargeting Ads Built in Mailchimp

These Google remarketing ads created by Mailchimp users will give you the inspiration you need to get started.

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Creating a Google remarketing ad in Mailchimp takes just a few clicks, but you’ll want to come up with an effective strategy before you dive into the ad builder. Finding an image that fits your brand and ad space, writing copy that says a lot in a few words, and setting a budget that helps you get the conversions you’re looking for is a lot to think about.

If you feel like the marketing muse has passed you over and you’re blanking on ideas, our gallery of successful Google remarketing ads, created by Mailchimp users, will give you the inspiration you need to get started.

Courtesy of Island Jay

Total revenue: $798.60
ROI: 474%
First-time buyers: 14
Daily budget: $2.78
Run time: 2 months

“You need a great call to action. Don’t just say, ‘Here’s an awesome boating t-shirt!’,” says Jason Guarino, owner and founder of Island Jay, which specializes in beach-inspired clothing and accessories. “Make the product connect to your audience and say, ‘Would you rather be boating? Click to save 40% and get free shipping today.’”


Courtesy of

Total revenue: $2,620
ROI: 2,475%
First-time buyers: 8
Daily budget: $1.85
Run time: 2 months

“We had a good idea [of] what sorts of images work best. If you don’t, be prepared to experiment,” says Chris Daley, whose family-run business,, has been selling collectable model ships for 15 years. “You also need to optimize your images for the size of the ad. What works on your site for 800-1000 pixels might not be effective shrunk down in a retargeting ad.”


Courtesy of Prendas Ciclismo

Total revenue: £2,460 ($3,257)
ROI: 712%
First-time buyers: 32
Daily budget: £5.94 ($7.87)
Run time: 2 months

“I choose images that have performed well for us on Instagram, both naturally and via promoted posts,” says Andy Storey, former web designer for Prendas Ciclismo who recently took over the cycling gear company. “The ad copy was written to be as punchy as possible, given the relatively small number of characters available.”


Courtesy of  juDanzy

Total revenue: $196.55
ROI: 92%
First-time buyers: 4
Daily budget: $2.49
Run time: 1 month

“I always say you need an amazing picture first,” says Julia Hewlett, co-founder of the children’s clothing company juDanzy. “Your text is also important, but nobody will read it unless your picture grabs their attention.”

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