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10 Most Popular Health and Wellness Websites

Looking to start a health & wellness website? Browse our roundup of the top 10 most popular wellness websites to get inspired.

The internet has changed the way we live our lives, from entertainment to education. Health and wellness websites are a prime example of how technology has allowed us to better our lives, offering resources to help people learn more about health and wellness, count calories, and even chat with other people about working out.

Health, beauty, and wellness are essential pieces of the puzzle when it comes to living a happy life. If you want to look and feel your best, there are tons of wellness websites out there that can help. You can learn more about eating a healthy diet and working out to build muscle, or you can find quick, healthy recipes that you can use to help you lose weight. With the best health websites, the possibilities are endless.

Want to learn more about health and wellness websites and the essential parts of a website that make them tick? Find out more about 10 of the best health and wellness websites around below.

What is health and wellness?

Health and wellness is a term used to refer to the overall well-being of an individual. Health typically refers to the physical well-being of a person, while wellness refers to the mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being of a person. Health and wellness websites help people get in better shape and take control of their well-being so they can live better lives.

What are the best health and wellness websites?

From weightlifting websites to forums and fitness trackers, there are several great health and wellness websites. The best websites give people the tools they need to live happier, healthier lives. Check out these 10 popular health and wellness websites to learn more about what makes them so great.

1. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is a website that’s also available in the form of a smartphone app that helps you track your diet and exercise. The goal of this website is to help people achieve their nutrition-related goals, whether they want to lose weight, maintain their current weight, or gain a few pounds. This website is easy to use, and a premium version is available for users who want to pay for extra features.

2. Eating Bird Food

Eating Bird Food is dedicated to providing people with healthy recipes that are easy to make. A lack of simple, healthy recipes can lead to a poor diet, so Eating Bird Food makes it easy by giving you tons of recipes and resources. You can even sort recipes by category at the top of the website. That way, you don’t have to waste time scrolling through pages of dinner recipes to find a nice healthy dessert.

3. Avocadu

Another popular health and wellness website is Avocadu, which provides content on yoga, weight loss, and healthy living, which can all play a key role in living a healthy lifestyle. Avocadu is a great example of designing a website that’s simple and functional. As soon as you open this website, you see a list of recent posts in addition to a link to sign up for the Avocadu 21-day challenge. Avocadu also provides free resources for beginners, including yoga guides and probiotics.

4. Verywell Health

Verywell Health is all about keeping you informed, which is crucial if you want to stay healthy. Whether you want to keep up with the latest health-related news or learn more about a condition you were recently diagnosed with, this is one of the best health and wellness websites. There’s even a “Drugs A-Z” section where you can get more information about the medication(s) you’re prescribed.

5. Fit Bottomed Girls

Fit Bottomed Girls is a combination of a health and wellness website and a mom blog, which means it’s perfect for moms who want to stay healthy. From lists of the best wines to workouts and tips for staying more active, Fit Bottomed Girls provides moms with all the information they need to live a healthy lifestyle.

6. Well+Good

Well+Good is a little different from some of our other picks because it’s got a strong focus on wellness as well as health. You can learn about food and nutrition, but Well+Good is largely filled with skincare tips and holistic treatment tips. If looking great is just as important to you as feeling great, Well+Good is a great health and wellness website.

7. Healthline

Healthline is one of the biggest names in the world of health and wellness, which makes it a great resource if you’re looking for general information. You can learn how to lower your cholesterol, find out more about monkeypox, and find ways to stimulate your brain as you get older and more prone to dementia. When it comes to health and wellness news and general information, Healthline is one of the most valuable resources on the web. Its website is neatly organized and easy to use, making it extremely user-friendly.

8. Women’s Health

For women who are looking for tips that are specifically catered to them, Women’s Health Magazine is an excellent health and wellness website. Women’s Health gives readers tips and resources to help women with health and wellness, whether they want healthier hair or an exercise plan to lose weight. You can find everything from health and fitness advice to advice about life and relationships, so Women’s Health is solid if you’re looking for comprehensive health and wellness advice for women.

9. Men’s Health

Men’s Health is essentially the male-focused equivalent of Women’s Health, offering all kinds of tips to help men stay happy and healthy. You can visit Men’s Health to learn about new workouts that train different muscle groups, or you can read reviews about popular workout products like dumbbells and supplements. Men’s Health also includes food and diet tips, from recipes to general tips about eating healthy.

10. Wellness Mama

Wellness Mama is a health and wellness website that’s also designed to cater to families. Keeping your family healthy is important, and Wellness Mama provides all the educational resources you need to do that. You can learn more about motherhood, find beauty tips, or get recipes for healthy dinners for the whole family. Wellness Mama even offers tips for organization, travel, and maintaining a natural home. If you want family-oriented health and wellness advice, this is a great website to visit.

Health and wellness website FAQs

How do you create a health and wellness website?

Learning how to make a website for health and wellness is simple. You can start by choosing a website builder that you can use to create your website without using HTML, CSS, and programming languages. These website builders offer simple drag-and-drop functionality that allows anyone to build a custom website and add their own content. Alternatively, you can hire a professional to build a health and wellness website for you. Hiring a professional is the more expensive route, but it gives you more freedom in terms of customizing your website and adding advanced features.

What type of content should you produce for a health and wellness website?

Health and wellness websites should have a strong focus on health and wellness content, but that doesn’t mean that’s all you should post. Many health and wellness websites include an additional niche. Fit Bottomed Girls is a mom blog while Well+Good has a strong focus on beauty and skincare. Ideally, you should produce health and wellness content that you’re knowledgeable about. That way, you’re providing something of value to your readers. You can post some of your favorite healthy recipes, workouts you enjoy, and general tips you use to maintain a healthy diet and get regular exercise.

How can you promote a health and wellness website?

Once you’ve built your health and wellness website, you can promote it using paid advertising, word of mouth, email marketing, and other techniques. Creating SEO-focused content that includes keywords and high-quality writing will also help you rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs), which is key if you want to drive more traffic to your website. If you’re not sure how to write for SEO or how to use paid advertising platforms such as Google Ads, you may want to hire a marketing company. Alternatively, you can use the simple suite of marketing and marketing automation tools that Mailchimp offers.

Create a health and wellness website with Mailchimp

Creating a website might sound difficult, but it’s even more difficult to drive traffic and convert website visitors into customers. Health and wellness websites are a lot of work, especially if you want to compete with some of the big names on our list. Focusing on promoting your website and creating quality content is key.

With Mailchimp, starting a health and wellness website and getting your name out there is easier than ever. You can use the Mailchimp website builder to create your own custom website with no experience, then you can use our marketing tools to help promote your website and drive traffic. Try Mailchimp today and get your health and wellness website off the ground.

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