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How Happy Socks Spreads Happiness Through Automation

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During the holiday season, lots of people will be making first-time purchases and subscribing to newsletters in search of deals. Using email marketing to boost sales or interest in your brand is important. Happy Socks developed a plan that works–a plan that focuses on marketing automation.

The Swedish company started with 2 friends on a mission to spread happiness. Their medium: high quality, colorfully designed, everyday essentials to fit any mood or style. This year, they experienced international growth and took their designs on a world tour. From L.A. to Tokyo, designers from different countries collaborated with Happy Socks to help spread the love. Even Snoop Dogg designed a few pairs!

Here’s how they greet new customers—and keep them interested.

Say hello

Nicole Åhlander, campaign manager at Happy Socks, set up a welcome automation workflow unique to each country. The single-email flow thanks subscribers for signing up and sets expectations for what subscribers will receive as part of of their newsletter subscription. Subscribers also receive a 10% discount on their next purchase.

The unsubscribe rates for their regular newsletter have dropped significantly, and click rates are high. Additionally, subscribers’ next visits to the site and purchases are happening faster because of the included promotion.

Say thank you

After shoppers complete their first purchase, Happy Socks continues to spread happiness through their first purchase automation workflow, initiated immediately after customers buy.

There are 3 emails in the series:

  1. The first thanks the customer for their purchase and describes what’s in store for them email-wise.
  2. The second, sent 7 days after purchase, tells the customer about the brand and highlights the gift category. This email builds on Happy Socks’ brand mission and iterates the design and quality the customer should grow to expect.
  3. The third email, a surprise, is a special gift to the customer—a 20% promotion. The promo code must be used in 10 days, which helps decrease the average wait time between the first and second purchase. This email goes on to tell the customer about Happy Socks’ promise to provide great customer service and experience.

The results? An open rate 20% higher than usual. Even more notable: an almost 50% higher-than-average click rate.

Try something new

Even though we’re in the midst of the holiday season, remember that it’s not too late to try something new. Our automation features, which Happy Socks took advantage of for their own email marketing, are easy-to-set-in-motion tools that allow you to do more for your customer while you’re doing your own holiday shopping, binge-watching Netflix, or, you know, sleeping.

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