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First Purchase Automation

Show some thanks to new shoppers

Thank new customers for buying your stuff, keep the conversation going, and turn them into lifelong fans.

An automated first purchase email.

Connect with your new customers and turn them into loyal shoppers.

First Purchase

Automatically sell more stuff

First purchase automations can get you 6 times more orders than a bulk email campaign, which is 6 times as great.

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Quick to create, easy to use

With flexible email templates and customizable timing, it’s easy to make a great first impression with your customers.

Keep customers coming back

Send new customers promo codes for a nice discount or product recommendations to inspire their next purchase.

Delight from day one

Automatically send a thank you email, ask for feedback, offer a survey, or provide customers with helpful information.

How to greet new customers

  • Connect your store to Mailchimp to bring in purchase data, then choose a list connected to your store.

    The screen to select your list of people to receive first purchase automations.
  • Send 3 emails by default, scheduled for 1 hour, 10 days, and 20 days after purchase. Or, add and remove emails to fit your needs.

    The screen to select the details of your automation trigger.
  • Use our drag-and-drop email builder to update colors and fonts, and add things like promo codes or product recommendations.

    The email designer.
  • Turn it on and you’re good to go. Emails will automatically go out to new customers when they make their first purchase.

    An automated first purchase email.
The screen to select your list of people to receive first purchase automations.
The screen to select the details of your automation trigger.
The email designer.
An automated first purchase email.

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“It allows us to add a personal touch by sending out a thank you email one day after a new customer places an order.”

Mischa Cashman, co-Founder of De Wine Spot


  • After a customer makes a purchase, a simple thank you message to the customer for that purchase can go a long way. But how, exactly, do you say thank you for your purchase? There are a few ways to go about it.

    The first and easiest way to say thank you to your customers is via email. Sending a short email that says “Thank you for your purchase” is a simple way to show your customers that they’re appreciated. And on your end, sending an email is quick and easy, especially when you use Mailchimp. With Mailchimp, you can set up automations to automatically send a thank you message to your customer for their purchase.

    Another way to thank your customers is through a physical note or letter. This can be especially effective if you sell a physical product since you can pack the thank you note along with the order. If you’re able, you may even consider including a handwritten thank you note with an order to add a special, personalized touch that your customers will surely appreciate.

  • Many companies solicit post-purchase feedback from customers following the completion of an order. If you’ve bought products from an online store, you’ve probably seen or participated in post-purchase feedback. This is when a company reaches out to a customer after a purchase and asks for feedback, gathers reviews, and gauges customer satisfaction.

    Post-purchase feedback may come in the form of an email asking whether a customer was satisfied with their product. If they weren’t satisfied, they should be given space to explain what elements they were dissatisfied with. Doing so allows you to take action based on that feedback (i.e., offer a replacement product, a refund, or a discount on a future purchase).

    Post-purchase feedback may also come in the form of a customer survey. With Mailchimp, you can easily send out surveys via email, which enables you to measure customer satisfaction and identify areas for improvement.

  • Post-purchase support refers to the customer support you provide following a purchase. For example, if a customer has issues figuring out how to use their product, they should be able to contact your support team for help or find manuals, guides, and instructional videos on your website.

    Post-purchase support also encapsulates the return or refund process. While it’s never ideal for a customer to return your product or ask for a refund, making this process easy can bolster your company’s reputation and increase the likelihood of shopping with you again in the future.

  • Post-purchase is crucial when it comes to providing a good customer experience. Simply saying “Thank you for your purchase” or gathering post-purchase feedback can help you build relationships with your customers and improve your products.

    Using Mailchimp, you can easily engage with customers post-purchase. You can automatically send a thank you message to a customer for their purchase or leverage a number of other first-order features to optimize the customer experience. When you show your appreciation for new customers using first-order features, you can boost the chances that they’ll shop with you in the future.

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