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How Social Media Aggregators Streamline Content Creation

Discover the secrets to maximizing content creation using social media aggregators. Streamline your process, boost efficiency, and reach a wider audience with these tips.

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Digital marketers understand the importance of content. Unfortunately, continuously creating unique content can be challenging. There's not enough time in the day for small business owners to sit at their desks and create social media content calendars for months at a time. Meanwhile, many companies don't have existing content to turn into social media posts.

Posting regularly on social media is an essential part of your social media marketing strategy, but you can't do that unless you have quality content. Luckily, social media aggregators make it easy to find and create quality content that engages your followers and beefs up your social media feed.

Keep reading to learn more about social media aggregators and how you can use them to create content across channels.

Social media aggregators are tools that can help you gather content from a variety of social media feeds. With an aggregator, you can share posts on your feed from other sources to engage followers without creating brand-new content. The best social media aggregators collect and organize posts across social media feeds and networks relating to the content you're interested in.

Marketers use aggregators to create different types of content and reach their audiences by collecting, sorting, and sharing high-quality social media posts.

In addition to using aggregators to create social media posts on new platforms, you can use them to embed a collection of social media feeds on your website, including branded posts and user-generated content, which you can also use for multichannel marketing.

How social media aggregators streamline content creation

Aggregators display social media feeds from various sources, providing content creators with easy access to content sources from various social media platforms and publications. The best social media aggregators can be used to:

Organize and curate content

You can use a social media aggregator to find content to share with your followers from sources other than your brand. For instance, if you sell pet products, you might share articles from highly respected pet magazines and other publications to supplement your social media content strategy.

This process is called content curation, in which you gather and share content with your followers with your unique perspective.

Streamline content scheduling

Social media aggregators can also be used to automate content scheduling. You can add it to your website and automatically share social media posts on specific pages.

Collaboration and team management

Digital marketers usually work in groups with other marketers to create comprehensive campaigns and strategies. With a social media aggregator tool, you can share content across mediums, including social media, your website, and email marketing campaigns.

Analytics and reporting

Collecting data from multiple social media platforms can be time-consuming. However, with social media aggregators, you can get better analytics and insights into your post-performance to help you make better decisions when creating content for your social media feed.

Social media marketing can help any business grow its online presence and attract customers. These platforms enable you to engage with your target audience on a more personal level and understand how they feel about your brand or business as a whole.

Social media also gives you social proof you can share on your website and through other channels to encourage new customers to make a purchasing decision while building trust. The benefits of using a social media aggregator for content creation include the following:

Increased efficiency

Content aggregators for social media posts save marketers time by helping them find high-quality content they can share with followers to grow their social media presence.

Social media aggregation not only increases the efficiency of how quickly you can create posts on different social media platforms, but an aggregated social media feed can help create website content from existing social media posts.

Enhanced content quality

Popular social media aggregators can improve the quality of your content by helping you find different pieces you can curate to improve your social media content creation strategy. Since you'll be able to find content from major social media networks based on topics, you can choose which content will resonate most with your target audience.


The faster you accomplish a task, the more cost-effective it is. Many marketers focus on more than just social media, so their time is precious. Social media aggregation can help save them time by helping them find and curate content without creating it themselves.

Improved social media strategy and performance

Social media aggregation can improve your social media strategy and its performance by enabling you to curate content for your followers, which can have a positive impact on your business. You can look for social media posts related to a certain topic and showcase user-generated content via social media accounts, websites, and email marketing campaigns.

Curated content can boost your social media reach by combining user-generated content with branded posts while offering you the opportunity to easily find unique and relevant content to share with your followers.

Integrating a social media aggregator with your strategy doesn't have to be complicated. Instead, look at your current social media feed to determine what you could be doing better. Then, follow these tips to begin using a social media aggregator to boost your business:

Define your social media goals and strategy

Before using a social media aggregator, you should have clearly defined goals and a comprehensive marketing strategy. Your strategy should include things like how often you post, what types of posts you use, and how you engage your followers.

You should also have goals you can track, such as engagement rate, link clicks, and follower count, which can tell you whether your posts effectively engage followers and attract new customers.

Choose the right social media aggregator for your needs

There are several different types of aggregators available. However, the best social media aggregator for your business will depend on several factors. You can use free social media aggregators to introduce yourself to them and how they work before using a paid aggregator that offers better features.

When looking for the best social media aggregator for your needs, look for one that offers moderation. You may want to embed a social media wall on your website to display mentions across social media, but you may not want every single post to appear on your website. You may also want to manage the content instead of relying solely on user-generated content to display on your wall.

Of course, you may not use a social media aggregator for either of these things. However, if your main goal is to use a social media aggregator to curate your social media posts, you don't need any premium features.

Instead, you'll need an aggregator that collects posts from various social media platforms and displays them in an easy-to-read format for post curation that allows you to share directly from the social media feed.

Identify sources

Before you start curating content to share on social media, you should identify the types of sources you want to use. A social media aggregator can pull posts from a variety of sources. Premium sources are publications, companies, and news sources. They typically have higher authority and are more trustworthy than blogs, but that's not always the case.

The sources you use to curate your social media feed can affect your strategy performance. Using higher-quality sources can help your brand become more trustworthy because you only share information from relevant sites.

Customize and optimize your content curation and scheduling

A social media aggregator allows you to customize and optimize content curation and scheduling. With the right tools, you can post on multiple social media platforms at once by sharing content from the aggregator directly to your feeds or scheduling them for a later time.

Monitor and analyze your social media performance

Content curation can be a valuable tool for small business owners who don't have the time or resources to create social media calendars with unique content. Instead, you can use a social media aggregator to find relevant posts about topics that interest your audience and share them on your own social media accounts.

However, you shouldn't rely solely on content curation. You can experiment with how many of your posts are curated content and determine the right balance between third-party sources and your own branded content. Continue to monitor and analyze your social media performance to ensure you're making the right decisions.

Continuously improve and refine your social media strategy

Developing a comprehensive social media strategy is crucial for any business that wants to grow its online presence. The best social media aggregator will allow you to automate marketing processes that can help you create and share more high-quality content across marketing platforms, including social media, your website, and emails.

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