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Launch Your Business with Mailchimp

It’s never too early for Mailchimp

We empower you with the confidence to take the first steps and launch your business, the tools to spark connections with your customers, and the support to scale.

Get your business online today with a custom domain

It’s easy to find the right audience when you have the right tools. Start with a custom domain, then build a free website to get your business online quickly.

Before you go to market, test your market

Getting feedback from your potential customers is key during the early stages of your business. Try creating a landing page and promoting it through targeted social ads to get early signups. Then test your messaging with your new fans to see what resonates most.

"Mailchimp was vital in helping us establish a product feedback loop. We received feedback from 98% of our testers, which allowed us to iterate faster and launch sooner than originally planned."

Build and organize your audiences before you launch

Don’t wait until you launch to start building an audience. Spread the word about your new business on social media with your landing page and use our Marketing CRM to organize your new contacts. The audience dashboard makes it easy to segment your new contacts, so you can personalize your marketing from the moment you start to socialize your business idea.

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Whether you need to validate your business idea, find your first customers, or build your brand's online presence, Mailchimp gives you the tools to launch faster.

Why Small Businesses Should Start Marketing on Day One

We surveyed more than 500 entrepreneurs about their experience starting a business. In this report, you'll find our key insights and top tips to help make your business journey a little smoother.

Award-winning support you can count on

Even if you’re just getting your business off the ground, our support team is here for you every step of the way. We have levels of support for every budget, including 30 days of support for our free plan, and email, chat, or phone support options when you upgrade to a paid plan.

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In our newest docuseries, Second Act, we follow five people who decided to change everything about their careers and try something new.

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