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Get Chart‑Topping Results from Email Marketing

Rockhouse Partners have been implementing tools to build the perfect campaign. That’s how they deliver hit after hit for their clients.

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There’s a science to the perfect email campaign. Rockhouse Partners have been implementing tools to build the perfect email for years now. That’s how they deliver hit after hit for their clients. Below, we show just a few examples.

Rockhouse’s Amanda Severs says having the right call-to-action buttons in the right place can make a huge difference in the success or failure of an email campaign. One tactic that’s been huge for Rockhouse clients who host multiple events is a View All Events button. Sales conversions from these buttons speak for themselves:

  • On average, the button accounted for 9% of total ticket sales for clients that used it.
  • $55,000 of ticket revenue was added over the course of the year.
  • Of 10 email campaigns reviewed, the button had an average 40% click rate.
  • One client generated 21% of all revenue from this single button.
  • Another client saw a 271% increase in ticket sales through email after adding the button.

Be thankful

We covered marketing automation in our fourth issue of this series, and a great example of this feature in action is the Rockhouse “thank you” email.

Rockhouse helped The Altria Theater in Richmond, Va. significantly boost ticket sales with an updated, automated “thank you” email sent to ticket buyers after a show. They also added call-to-action buttons, reduced copy, and personalized the message.

Here’s what happened:

  • Click rates went from 11–20%.
  • Revenue generated by ticket emails increased by 246%.
  • Ticket sales jumped 300%.

Music to our ears

At the beginning of 2015, Dallas Summer Musicals enlisted Rockhouse’s help to boost ticket sales. They wanted to target a segmented customer base with emails using data like purchase history, location, and previous engagement. So Rockhouse put together a new mobile-optimized email template, refined the sending schedule, and used A/B testing to test content, button placement, and subject lines.

The results were outstanding:

  • Year-over-year ticket revenue jumped 19%.
  • Dallas Summer Musical emails were opened 70% more than average.
  • And they experienced a 100% above average email click rate.

Time to write some hits of your own

You’re probably already using some of these email marketing tools and strategies. But it’s our hope that, while reading their story, you’ve discovered a few nuggets of insight that will give you an extra edge in your own email marketing efforts. And if you’re not using some of these strategies, we’ve got good news: Mailchimp makes it easy.

Yes, easy. That word came up 11 times during our chat with Amanda. She said Mailchimp was easy for her clients to use, that it makes it easy to create mobile-optimized templates, that it’s easy to integrate with Google Analytics, and that its reporting makes it easy to monitor campaign performance.

This is not to say that getting Rockhouse-like results consistently will be easy. You’ll probably endure a bit of trial and error. But if you take these lessons to heart and put them into daily practice, you’ll certainly improve.

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