Multichannel marketing, simplified

Our marketing platform was built with busy, time-strapped small businesses in mind. With intuitively designed features and audience-centric insights, Mailchimp brings all your tools together seamlessly so everything just works—every time.

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Getting started is so simple, you can create an account and launch your first campaign in less than 15 minutes.

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All your marketing in one place

With all of your content and channels in one place, you can quickly create integrated campaigns and make the most of your assets, time, and resources.

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We'll help you reach the right people

We create pre-built audience segments based on your contacts’ demographic information, shopping behavior, and campaign engagement so that you can craft messages that matter to them. Segments update automatically, so your message will always reach the right people.

Build beautiful campaigns in just a few steps

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    Pick a template

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    We offer expertly designed, ready‑made templates to help you get started with landing pages, emails, and more.

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    Simply drag and drop

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    Our intuitive drag‑and‑drop designer makes it easy to customize layouts and create the perfect campaign for your brand.

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    Sync and store all your content

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    With your brand assets in our content studio, you’ll have what you need for campaigns on hand. Quickly and easily use content from your social posts, e‑commerce store, campaigns, and more—just click and go.

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    Preview and launch

    Example of the email preview after it's built

    Check out your campaigns on any device before sending—our templates are responsive, so they look great no matter what size the screen. Once you launch, just sit back and watch the results come in.

Example of an email template
Example of the drag and drop tool in the email builder
Example of adding content to your email
Example of the email preview after it's built

“The out-of-the-box design layouts have made our jobs easy. We can make nice looking emails in 5 minutes!”

- Josh Skinner, studio manager of R. Wood Studio

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Automate your busy work

Download Mailchimp’s mobile app to turn on automations like abandoned cart emails with a few quick taps. Set it up once, and we’ll make sure it works every time.

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Grow your business on the go

Our mobile app lets you stay on top of your marketing when you’re on the move.

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Connect all your favorite tools

You don’t have to be a developer to integrate your other apps—we make it easy.

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Get help when you need it

We’ve got marketing guides, step-by-step tutorials, and 24/7 support.

Get set up and start marketing in no time

We make it easy to get going quickly.

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