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Mobile Software Development Kit

Get to know your audience on a whole new level

Bring your mobile app user data into Mailchimp, and get a holistic view of your audience—and how they use your app.

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Drive deeper engagement with the right message, at just the right time.

See who’s interacting with your mobile app (and how they're doing it) and connect their experience across platforms. Get a complete view of your audience, so you can send personalized marketing messages during every step of their journey.

Lock with eyeball.

Share information securely

We take data security and privacy very seriously, and ensure the same for our users too. That’s why the Mobile SDK is designed to safely share information between your mobile app and Mailchimp, without compromising your data, or your user’s data.

Enable targeted, personalized marketing

Show them you care. Turn audience data, behaviors, and traits into automations that reach them throughout their customer journey with messages tailored to their experience.

A man carries various objects that seem to relate to one another. They might represent segments and tags, but who can say?

Segment users based on who they are, and how they interact with you

Mailchimp’s tags and behavior-based endpoints allow you to track key user traits and behaviors. Then, it automatically applies that information to users so you can segment them and deliver relevant messaging.

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Easily connect your mobile app to Mailchimp

It takes as few as 3 lines of code to automatically bring in data about your mobile app users. Now, you can see the full picture of how they interact with your product on mobile and web.

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Want to learn how to connect your mobile app?

Go to our developer site or GitHub to see detailed documentation about how to install the Mobile SDK in just 3 lines of code. Start unlocking your mobile app data to drive deeper engagement with your users now.