Connect all of your data with flexible, user‑friendly tools

Bring all your audience data together and manage it in one place. Our pre‑built integrations and open API make it easy to directly connect to your favorite business apps.

Build better marketing campaigns with your audience data

Link in-app activity with your marketing so you can engage users with targeted campaigns.

Organize your audience data in one place with pre-built integrations

Seamlessly pull in contact information and behavior data from more than 200 of the most popular business and marketing apps—from Eventbrite to Canva to Slack—in just a few clicks.

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Tag contacts to send targeted campaigns to your app users

Automatically create tags in Mailchimp based on user interests and attributes. With all your contacts organized in one place, it’s easy to send messages that matter.

How to use tags with API 3.0
Personalize your marketing messages based on in-app activity

When you pull custom event data from your web or mobile app into Mailchimp, you can trigger targeted marketing based on specific date- and time-stamped actions your users take in-app.

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"When we have thousands of deliveries happening at the same time, it's especially important that we give that information to people when they need it most."

Jamie Gottlieb, Content Marketing Manager Roadie

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With our API 3.0, you can make the most of your data. Sync email activity and campaign stats with your database, manage your audience, control automation workflows, append external data to your contacts, and so much more.