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Subject Line Helper

Write compelling subject lines that engage your customers

Plus, get real-time feedback on how to refine subject lines as you're writing them.

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Subject lines that drive engagement

Improve your open rates with data-driven feedback on word count, character count, punctuation, and emoji use.

Expert knowledge at your fingertips

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A/B testing just to make sure

Compare 2 subject lines with an A/B test to see what resonates with your audience. Mailchimp will automatically send out the winner.

Expert knowledge at your fingertips

Mailchimp sends more than 10,000 emails every second. This data powers subject line helper to guide you toward compelling subject lines that get your audience’s attention.

Guidance when it matters

As you’re writing, subject line helper provides feedback on word and character count, as well as emoji and punctuation use. It’s your free, personal editor.

Subject line helper is free with every Mailchimp account

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