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Connect your favorite apps and web services to save time and do more with your marketing.

Reach customers and drive sales

Tools that enable you to market smarter and grow faster.

Squarespace Commerce

Market your ecommerce business and drive sales

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Start selling from your Mailchimp website

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Increase traffic and drive repeat purchases

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Grow your audience and drive sales

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Connect with and support customers

Discover developer-friendly tools

Convert leads into contacts

Connect form and survey data

Connect your subscription data

Manage and embed your designs


Get access to over 2 million free photos in the Mailchimp website builder and Creative Assistant.


Become a trusted resource for your subscribers by consistently bringing them the best reads to inform, entertain, and inspire action.

Viewed | Personalized video in email

Play video in email that works with all email clients; Be the hero creating real-time personalized videos that play into emails. Play live video in email.


Connect your Vimeo account with Mailchimp to generate and convert high-quality leads and boost your email marketing performance with video.


Run sweepstakes, contests, and other marketing campaigns and send user information into any Mailchimp List.

Vtiger CRM Integration

Synchronize contacts and data from Mailchimp lists with Vtiger marketing campaigns.


Allows customers to automatically opt-in to Mailchimp mailing lists while completing an online waiver form using WaiverFile.


Create a comprehensive overview of your email marketing campaign performance. Automatically aggregate Mailchimp data and turn it into a visual report.

Windsor Circle Cart Recovery using Mandrill

Our Cart Recovery solution helps retailers convert, on average, 15% of abandoned shopping carts into sales.

Customer Retention Automation

Grow customer value by enabling and implementing data-driven, lifecycle marketing campaigns.

Windsor Circle E-commerce Integrations

Connect your e-commerce platform to Mailchimp: personalize & automate 1:1 messaging from customer behavior to increase repeat sales

WisePops - Intelligent Pop-ups

Automate the growth of your Mailchimp list with intelligent Mailchimp popups.

$1 Million in Relief for the Developer Community

We’ve invested in a developer community hit hard by COVID-19. Our Integration Fund enabled developers to help expand Mailchimp’s functionality for small business owners.

Mailchimp Integration Partner Program

Integration Partners are app developers with access to exclusive benefits, insights, and opportunities to grow their Mailchimp integrations.