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Add subscribers to your lists directly from your Olark live chat sessions.

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For marketing, sales, and customer support professionals, the Olark Live Chat and Mailchimp integration brings together your customer communications seamlessly. While chatting with visitors on your website, you’ll be able to easily add these visitors as contacts in Mailchimp, adding them to a list for easy, targeted followup.

Here’s one of our favorite use cases:

“From a marketing standpoint, when I send an email, my call to action leads to a specific landing page on my website. From there, having Olark installed on that page, I can easily have all conversations from that landing page go to a specific list in Mailchimp. Now I can see who clicked on my email, who submitted a form on the landing page, and who chatted and maybe didn't take an action, so I can follow-up with them again with a more targeted email. It's a really neat use case for marketers."

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