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Finding New Customers with Postcards and Facebook Ads

How a multichannel strategy is bringing conversion success and growth to Underclub's subscription‑based business.

Katie Fritts, Founder of Underclub, takes a look at her inventory.

Katie Fritts used to dread digging through underwear bins at the mall so much that she was stockpiling old undies for actual decades. Today, the founder of the women's subscription shopping service Underclub has one goal: to bring her for women, by women business to more customers. For this edition of What's in Store, Katie explains how using multiple channels in Mailchimp—postcards and Facebook ads—helps boost Underclub's conversions.

Underclub's Austin-based, designer-to-door model launched its website in 2017 with a goal to relieve the stress of shopping for lingerie and empowering women to feel comfortable choosing brands that best represent them. Katie also wanted to highlight other female entrepreneurs in the male-dominated lingerie industry, such as Natori, Commando, and more.

"Pretty much every design team that we work with is female-led, and we specifically seek out female-led businesses," she says.

For Katie and the Underclub team, the biggest challenge is bringing the service to more people. Fortunately, they're already finding some success using postcards and Facebook ads.

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The results: Conversion boosts + business growth

The postcards campaigns are connecting with more than just mailboxes. "Right after we sent it out, we saw a few immediate conversions, and then hopefully we'll have more trickle in as people get the mail," Katie says. "It's almost like we can see real time as people are getting their mail and actually coming to our site and converting."

If growth is any indication of the marketing strategy's success, it's safe to say Underclub's on the right track.

"In the past year alone we've grown 10x," Katie says. "A lot of that has been through our marketing and advertising and being able to communicate our brand and service to customers."

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The goal: Build the brand + get more customers

A huge part of Underclub's appeal are the subscription and add-on packages—Treat Yourself, Love Yourself, Spoil Yourself—which vary by garment quantity and price. It's a business model that's working, but Katie's left with the same question in regards to her marketing: "How do I acquire more customers and scale our presence?"

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The tools: Postcards + Facebook ads

Katie was excited about using postcards because she was looking to find a more personal way to connect with segments of her audience that had not subscribed to Underclub's newsletter. She also sent an email to subscribers that hadn't made a purchase. For both of these segments, she created a targeted postcard with a 30% off promo code.

"For the postcard campaign, using reports, we were able to segment a certain audience that we knew was already engaged with our business but hadn't yet purchased," Katie says. "We were able to follow up with them to hopefully bring them over the tipping point."

Additionally, Katie tested a win-back campaign advertising on Facebook. With a separate 30% off promo code, she targeted contacts who had previously used Underclub's actual subscription service but were currently inactive.

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