Everyone Starts Somewhere

Getting started is hard.

Hero image for Issue #2: The Starting Line

Since the thought of opening a store — for the sake of learning what it’s like to open a store — became a project, I’ve spent all my time thinking and writing and dreaming, but not actually doing much of anything.

A store is a big undertaking! Sure, it’s technically easy to log in to any sort of shopping cart program and just make things up, but if you really want to do good work and bring in customers, there’s a never-ending amount of things to consider.

With so much happening between project start and project launch, it’s hard to determine that first step.

“That’s the point of this whole project!” our creative director Ron responded one day as I was explaining my problem. “This is great content for an email.”

Welp, here we are then.

Meg putting up a fight

I have to do something other than conceptualize forever and ever, endlessly, until someone decides I’m the wrong person to run this store and hands over the mantle that I’ve left lying in the back corner of my desk drawer, forever an idea.

Everyone’s always talking about Shopify, so I decide to do the thing I just said anyone can do. I create a login so I can start making things up.

And I immediately hit my first road block. As soon as you click the “Get Started” button on Shopify’s home page, this pops up:

Oh yeah, maybe I should have one of those…

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