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Segmenting with Predicted Demographics

Melissa segments an email.

Hero image for Issue #31: Segmenting with Predicted Demographics

Hi everyone! I’m back to fill in while Meg is out on vacation. This week, I thought I’d tell you about our recent trials with email segmentation.

Now that the weather is finally cooler, we decided to promote our Freddie and Co. + Odd Pears socks once again. The socks did great when we first launched them, but then sales plateaued and eventually declined during the summer months. Meg and I decided to hold off on our marketing efforts until fall, when we knew our customers would be more likely to purchase cold-weather items.

We scheduled an email featuring the socks for early November and decided to sweeten the deal with a “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” offer. Next, we chose some lifestyle images that we hadn’t used yet to keep our imagery fresh.

Since we had separate images of women and men modeling the socks, we thought, “Why not segment these emails based on gender?” That way, we could target the right customers with the right content.

Since Freddie and Co. is a paid customer with a connected store, the predicted demographics feature is included with our account. Basically, predicted demographics provides available gender and age information for your list subscribers based on shared account information from around the world, regardless of whether subscribers have engaged with your campaign content in the past. Technology is so great!

With this information in mind, we set up two different versions of the email to go to women’s and men’s gender segments.

While the open and click-through rates were on par with our Freddie and Co. averages, we noticed that the men’s email had a higher open rate, but the women’s email had more clicks and conversions. The women’s email generated a total of $138 in revenue versus $66 for the men’s email. Our main takeaway was that women are converting more, at least where the socks are concerned.

Knowing how your customers behave allows you to take action to increase customer engagement. For Freddie and Co., our action was to target women more frequently. For our next email, we decided to spotlight our new BAGGU tote using a woman’s image.

The whole point of using predicted demographics and segmentation is to refine your marketing strategy for better results, which is especially important during the holiday season. Speaking of holidays, can you guys believe it’s already Thanksgiving?! Happy Turkey Day to all.

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