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Making Content Personal with Mailchimp + Typeform

How OneCoWork uses the integration to organize contacts and send the right message to the right people.

Photograph of 2 men sitting at a desk looking at a computer next to a photograph of hands holding an iPad and filling out a typeform

OneCoWork’s mission is simple: bring joy to the world of work. They sold out their first 2 spaces on the strength of their great coffee and even better locations. But to fill their 3rd and largest space yet—and to lay the foundation for many new spaces to come—they needed to start doing some marketing. Here’s how marketer Ray Slater Berry used Mailchimp and Typeform to find the right people and make them part of the OneCoWork family.

“We pride ourselves on 2 things: design and community,” Ray explains. “The two go hand in hand. We design our spaces to foster a community.” To embody this, Ray and his colleagues packed up their furniture and coffee machine and set up a mini coworking space at a local startup event. “Our goal wasn’t to get a heap of emails. We only wanted to collect emails from people genuinely interested in coworking,” he explains.

Once they found these people, they handed them a typeform to fill in on an iPad. “Typeform feels a lot more fluid and intuitive than other forms. I knew I wouldn’t have to interrupt conversations to help people navigate the form,” says Ray. In addition to an email address, the form asked people their company size (freelance, startup, or multinational) and the kind of coworking they were after (hot desk, private office, or whole floor).

Photograph of senior marketer Ray Slater Berry

Ray Slater Berry, OneCoWork

Ray wanted to personalize OneCoWork’s email marketing from the get-go: “We don’t like treating people as ‘leads’—we see everyone as a potential community member. Even if they don’t end up booking a space, we want them to leave as brand ambassadors.” With the Mailchimp + Typeform integration, Ray could automatically segment his new audience in Mailchimp based on their typeform answers. He used the info he collected to personalize that all-important 1st email. This allowed him to pick up the conversation where the form left off and continue to drive deeper connections with potential OneCoWorkers.

“We deliver relevant content with Mailchimp based on the answers they give in the typeform. A small difference like this can have a big impact on receivers.”

To send the right message to the right people, Ray duplicated and reworked email content according to the size of people’s companies and the type of coworking they were interested in. The flow also included personalized follow-up emails for anyone who missed the first one. Full disclosure: He’d never used Mailchimp before. But so far, so good: “I find it really intuitive. It’s organized in a way that’s really easy on the eye, so I can always find what I’m looking for,” he says.

Ray’s already seen some great results. His personalized email flows are getting click-through rates between 50% and 80%, and they’ve directly led to numerous companies viewing their spaces. The email also included an invitation to follow OneCoWork on social, which caused their Instagram following to jump by 10%—just the boost their community needed. And once people join the OneCoWork family, Mailchimp delivers them a weekly newsletter to keep them up to date with community news.

Photograph of a woman using a computer in OneCoWork's coworking space next to a photograph of a nice chair, lamp, and ottoman

OneCoWork’s journey is just beginning. They have big plans to open 40 spaces across Europe in the next 5 years. (That’s a lot of custom-built chairs.) But the good news is that Ray feels confident he already has the tools to make sure their marketing matches their ambition: “The more I dive in, the more I’m realizing Mailchimp can improve our email marketing. Right now our leads are manually sent straight to our sales team, but I want to optimize their journey depending on the source.”

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Written by Simon Dumont for Typeform, an official Mailchimp partner.

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