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How to Measure Marketing on YouTube

YouTube is a very popular social networking platform that businesses of all sizes use to promote their services and products. YouTube is one of the most popular social media apps that numerous people use on a daily basis to watch video content, so by using this app, you can easily reach your target audience, regardless of who that audience might be.

Whether you've already been using YouTube for video content purposes or you plan to in the near future, it's imperative that you determine the best way to measure your results.

If your goal is to be as successful as possible with your YouTube marketing campaign, then you can't just upload an online video or launch the ads and forget about them, thinking that they don't need monitoring. You need to determine how they're performing on a regular basis, so you can make any necessary changes.

Measuring your marketing on YouTube might sound tedious and difficult, but if it's done the right way, it's really quite easy. YouTube provides all the information that you need to keep track of your videos, and all you need to do is use it.

Here is a complete overview, which builds on our beginners' guide to YouTube advertising, of how to measure your YouTube growth.

Learning this will allow you to tweak your campaign if you determine that it's necessary. Out of all the different video platforms available, YouTube has its own set of tools (KPIs) to help you measure your success.

Top video KPIs and why you need to measure them

To measure the performance of your YouTube marketing campaigns and YouTube videos, you will need to use certain tools that will make doing so easier. The use of KPIs, or key performance indicators, makes it possible to easily measure marketing on YouTube so you can take the required action.

Again, simply placing your digital ads and expecting them to magically make you the richest business owner ever is unrealistic. Even if you've been using YouTube for marketing for years and you consider yourself to be a marketing expert, you still need to keep up with your YouTube analytics for improved success.

To find out how your YouTube channels are doing and your overall video performance, be sure to search under analytics to find the stats for these key metrics:

Audience retention

You obviously want your YouTube ranking to be as high as possible for the best success, and constant growth plus retaining a steady customer base is essential for this to happen. Algorithms are always gathering information based on videos that are published on YouTube. If the algorithms determine that you're retaining enough customers as constantly growing new customers, then it will automatically deem your videos as being "worthy.”

If your videos are determined to be worthy by its algorithms, then the system will automatically raise them up to a higher level. According to YouTube Insights, high-level YouTube videos receive special treatment, and in other words, the more popular your videos are, the more YouTube's algorithms will push them to the top. Of course, if your videos are at the top, you are almost guaranteed to receive increased numbers of reviews, website views, and business.

Audience engagement

YouTube marketing for small businesses is a very smart way to promote your products and services, but you must ensure that your audience is properly engaged. Engagement metrics on YouTube are extremely useful, and they can help you determine if your audience finds your videos interesting.

YouTube's dynamic algorithm focuses on determining whether your videos are engaging, and if YouTube analytics determines that your videos are lacking, then it can be easy to make a few changes. Videos that are thoroughly engaging will see their views go through the roof once YouTube's algorithms deem them top-notch on the engagement scale.

Click-through rate

Click-through rate enables marketers to better understand how customers are responding to the videos based on customer behavior.

The higher the CTR, the more interesting customers find your material.

If your CTR is low, then it means that you need to make some changes to improve your CTR.

There are different types of click-through rates that readers should keep an eye on, with average CTR and unique CTR being at the top of the list. Average CTR is an analysis of all your videos as a whole, and specific CTR, which measures your stats of one specific video. If, after checking YouTube analytics, you find that your CTR is low, then there are ways to improve this, so your YouTube ranking can improve in the process.

Unique viewers

This data enables you to determine how many visitors have viewed your material, which method they used to access your videos (phone, tablet, PC), the number of times they watched your material, and more.

Unique viewer information can help you to determine which videos are performing well and which ones need to be tweaked. Of course, your ultimate goal is to significantly increase your viewers and subscribers.

Subscriber total

The number of total subscribers on your YouTube channel can tell a lot about how interesting your material is. YouTube has a unique way of displaying the number of subscribers that you have to anyone that views your channel. For instance, if you have 1714 subscribers, it will be displayed on YouTube as 1.71 subscribers. Anything over 1,000 subscribers means you're performing well, and once you get over 1,000 subscribers and more than 4,000 hours of viewing time, you can start monetizing your videos or getting paid.

There are over 2 billion monthly logged-in users on YouTube.

Average view duration

This is an extremely important KPI to use because it can tell you if viewers are watching your videos to their ends and, if not, when they're stopping. If multiple viewers stop watching your videos during a certain part of them, then you can pretty much determine that you need to make some changes in that part. If you're not sure which changes to make, consulting with a marketing expert like Mailchimp can help you in a number of ways.

We have over 20 years of experience under our belt. Whether you need assistance with YouTube marketing or marketing your business in general, we can provide you with the expertise that you need to succeed. Mailchimp can provide you with tips for editing on YouTube, and so much more.

Sources of traffic

You definitely want to keep track of your sources of traffic when marketing on YouTube. By using YouTube analytics to determine where your traffic is coming from, you can work on creating more relevant material that will drive even more traffic your way.

If you have no idea where your traffic is coming from, then you can't make the necessary changes to increase the traffic on your channels.

Watch time

It is essential that you track the watch time of your videos on YouTube. It's one thing to have tens of thousands of people viewing your videos, but if they're only watching them for a short time and they're failing to watch your videos in their entirety, then there is a problem with your ability to keep your audiences engaged.

Tracking watch time can show you what changes you need to make to keep viewers interested enough to watch your videos in full. Keeping track of your watch time can help you to make the necessary edits to your videos for the ultimate success.

People watch over 1 billion hours of videos every day on YouTube.


While it might seem like an insignificant stat, keeping track of your video re-watches is just as important as the others. If you have a high number of re-watches for one video, yet another video nearly has none or very few, then you have the ability to compare the two in order to determine what's so enticing in the frequently re-watched video. This can make it easy for you to mimic that same success with your other existing videos, as well as any future ones that you create.


Keywords are huge in the world of marketing, and the right keywords can mean great success, while the wrong ones can mean the opposite. Connecting the right keywords to your videos is important because people need to be able to find them easily. This is why it's imperative that you keep track of which keywords are working to drive viewers to your videos and which aren't. You could easily do some research to determine which keywords are more popular and which ones you need to change.

Track your YouTube marketing ROI

One of the easiest ways to ensure your ROI is to measure your success with the KPIs mentioned above. From audience retention to keywords, knowing what attracts viewers and subscribers to your videos and channels is crucial to creating content that connects with them.

However, it can be tricky to analyze the data you’re seeing and apply it to your next steps. So, if you've found that managing your YouTube marketing ROI is too confusing and you're failing to achieve your goals—or you need help to build your YouTube channel—then you need an experienced marketing partner like Mailchimp. Contact MailChimp so you can get started with being successful today. There is too much competition in the world of marketing to produce subpar marketing campaigns that aren't producing the results that you expect.

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