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Power Partners: Dr. Email

Mailchimp partners bring a universe of super skills to every business.

Mailchimp partners—trusted marketers that specialize in everything Mailchimp and beyond—bring a universe of super skills and super solves to business problems of any size. In this series, we’re shining a spotlight on partners who tackled epically demanding asks and crushed it. 🎉 Like Doug, here.

WHO: Doug Dennnison, owner of MailNinja, a U.K.-based email marketing agency.

SUPER SKILL: Prescribing winning email marketing strategies that keep conversion rates healthy and customers happy.

CLIENT SOS: Doug’s tech startup client was happy. Their newest product had launched without a hitch and sold out immediately. But when the pandemic hit, the company’s distribution ground to a halt. Suddenly, Doug was on triage duty making sure customers were kept happy, despite the delay.

WHAT SAVED THE DAY: When COVID created a logistics nightmare, Dr. Email was there with the remedy. First, Doug sent out email marketing campaigns reassuring customers that their product was on the way. Then, the pandemic threw them another curve ball. Many customers had relocated since placing their order, so Doug had to ensure products were being shipped to the right places. Using advanced segments, Doug got everything—from email to delivery—to the right people at the right times.

The results were super…

  • 2,000,000 products sold in 9 months
  • 2,000 conversions within 3 days of sending the launch email
  • 49% (average open rate for all campaigns sent over the last 18 months)

Not sure what a partner can do for you? Here are 8 ways one of these Mailchimp-trained and vetted pros can upgrade your marketing.

No matter where you are in your business growth story, our partners can help with all things marketing related. They can boost open rates, build websites, tame unorganized contact lists, create eye poppingly gorgeous custom email templates, and so much more.

Hire a super-skilled partner, so you reach your business goals even sooner.

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