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Maximize Customer Engagement with Two‑Way SMS

Drive results with two‑way SMS. Use two‑way messaging to build effective campaigns that boost engagement and strengthen communication with customers.

Communicating using two-way SMS is one of the best ways to market to prospective customers and clients on a personal level. Optimize your marketing campaigns with two-way messaging while incentivizing recipients to engage and respond.

Two-way SMS communication tools are extremely useful for collecting in-depth analytics while producing meaningful conversations designed to enhance customer engagement. Using an SMS service to send two-way texts allows you to automate and create highly customizable, individualized messages.

What is two-way SMS?

Two-way messaging, or two-way SMS service, allows businesses and brands to send and receive messages from customers. Text message marketing with two-way SMS utilizes application programming interfaces (APIs), complete text message marketing platforms, and all-in-one solutions. Unlike one-way SMS messaging, two-way text messaging lets the recipient and sender interact with one another.

When a user receives incoming SMS messages from a two-way business SMS service or platform, they can respond. This can include responding with a particular number, an automated message, or a human response.

Businesses can take advantage of two-way SMS services to send customer surveys, customer service response forms, or appointment verification texts. Using two-way messaging channels and solutions for scheduling appointments is also possible. Ultimately, this can streamline client communication and help you manage appointments. Plus, fast automated responses and highly personalized messages can boost engagement and satisfaction.

Benefits of using two-way SMS campaigns

Whether you're interested in conversational messaging in your marketing campaigns or want to keep better track of inbound text messages from prospective customers, you can do so with the right two-way SMS service.

Explore the advantages of two-way SMS below.

Cost-effective method of communication

Using two-way SMS services can be extremely cost-effective, as they're often much more affordable than alternative marketing mediums. When you use SMS messaging to reach your target audience, you can do so with automated messages, allowing you to simultaneously send the same message to thousands of users.

Alternatively, depending on your chosen SMS service provider, you can also personalize each message you send. Maintaining constant communication at a low cost is much easier with business SMS solutions.

It's also important to note that text message marketing has an extremely high ROI, or return on investment. Because SMS messages don't typically include images, videos, or extensive HTML links, they're more affordable to send. This results in higher click-through rates than other forms of digital and mobile marketing.

Faster response rates

Whether you send personalized or automated messages, texts with two-way functionality are a great way to improve response rates from your subscribers and clients.

Two-way SMS communication allows your audience to receive messages that are immediate, intimate, and personal. This provides a great opportunity to connect with traditional text message marketing or meaningful conversations, depending on your brand's intent and message.

Two-way messaging provides recipients the ability to respond immediately, whether they're confirming an appointment or inquiring to learn more about a product you sell.

Improve customer satisfaction

Using a business SMS solution is highly advisable for those interested in improving customer satisfaction. With two-way messaging, it's easier than ever to create customer satisfaction surveys and user questionnaires for those who have purchased products or services from you in the past.

By using two-way messaging in your SMS customer service strategy, you can gain valuable insight into your clients' thoughts and learn how they feel about your business and brand. Gather analytics to make positive and impactful changes to your future marketing campaigns for an even greater chance of success.

Obtain real-time feedback and data

One of the most appealing aspects of using an SMS service for your business or brand is obtaining real-time feedback and data using inbound messages while tracking additional message metrics.

Tracking how many messages have been successfully sent, opened, and engaged with can help you learn more about your audience and the type of content they prefer.

Additionally, you can conduct A/B tests. A/B testing SMS campaigns can help you learn more about what type of wording, language, and promotional material work best for prospective users or customers.

Limitations of using two-way SMS messaging

As with any marketing medium, there are a few limitations to two-way messaging that should be considered before choosing a business SMS solution.

Here are a few of the most significant drawbacks of two-way SMS.

Messaging limitations

Unfortunately, SMS messaging doesn't always provide total creative freedom and flexibility. Sending messages with images, extensive hyperlinks, videos, and other graphics or animations isn't always possible. Also, most SMS messages are limited to 160 characters in total. This can dampen a marketing campaign that is lengthier or requires more data.

Additionally, guarantees aren't always possible, available, or accurate. This will depend on the SMS business service you're using and the capacity your messaging provider can handle at any given time.

Can’t be delivered to DND subscribers

If your subscriber has their phone turned to DND, or do not disturb, they won't receive any of the SMS messages you send. This isn't always detectable by your SMS messaging provider.

How to implement two-way texting at your business

Implementing two-way SMS communication solutions for your own business requires an understanding of your goals and objectives. Consider the following before choosing a two-way messaging system or solution for your marketing needs:

  • Audience. Who are you trying to reach? Do you have specific demographics that you intend to target with your two-way SMS text messages? Is your audience most likely to list text messaging as their preferred form of communication?
  • Marketing objectives. What goals do you have in mind for your campaign? Are you attempting to increase engagement with your audience, generate sales, or drive traffic to your website?
  • SMS platforms. Spend time comparing two-way text messaging platforms that offer the two-way SMS service solutions you need. Seek solutions that allow you to send messages from any location using a two-way texting device.
  • Create landing pages. Use unique landing pages to test your ability to retrieve numbers from visitors and prospective customers.
  • Provide incentives. One of the fastest ways to receive new subscribers and mobile phone numbers is to offer those who submit their numbers an incentive. This incentive may be an entry in a contest you're hosting or a discount on merchandise from your business. Providing incentives can significantly increase the number of signups you receive.

Tips for using two-way SMS

Before getting started with two-way SMS solutions for your business, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Create a marketing plan. Create a specific marketing plan using two-way SMS campaigns. Consider the end goal of your campaign and draft numerous copies of potential messages. Keep in mind that most SMS messages are limited to 160 characters and can't include additional items such as videos, graphics, or animations.
  • Only send messages to subscribers. It's imperative to only send texts to subscribers who have opted in to receive messages directly from you and your business. Sending unsolicited messages to mobile phones can result in having your number reported, blocked, or blacklisted. Repeated reports can also have long-term consequences, affecting your ability to create and send text messages in future marketing campaigns.
  • Keep it simple. It's important to keep your messaging as simple as possible. Short messages are essential, as most SMS platforms and providers limit texts to 160 characters. While it may be possible to send more than one text message, this can be annoying or disruptive to recipients, resulting in a loss of subscribers or having your texts reported.
  • Keep track of messaging frequency. While you may be excited about communicating with your subscribers personally and intimately using two-way SMS, it's important not to overdo your campaigns. Keep track of the frequency in which you send texts to avoid bombarding your subscribers with too many messages. Sending more than 2 text messages each week may be too many for your users.
  • Use A/B testing to your advantage. You can also use A/B testing to determine the type of messaging that works best for your subscribers. Use A/B testing to analyze open rates, clicks, and engagement.
  • Keep track of metrics and analytics. It's essential to keep track of the analytics and data you receive in real time when using two-way SMS. Keeping track of real-time analytics will provide valuable insight into which text messages are receiving the most traction and engagement.

Optimize the customer experience with two-way SMS

Integrating two-way SMS communication is highly recommended if you're looking for a way to improve customer experience, increase satisfaction, and build trust. Two-way messaging allows you to focus on enhancing engagement with interactive surveys, questionnaires, and tailored marketing messages.

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