Our Smarts Help You Grow

Backed by our proprietary intelligence engine, our smart marketing platform combines the power of data science and AI to help you work confidently, create better marketing, and grow sales.

Features that boost your business and your confidence

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Take them from browsing to buying

Customer Journey Builder New

Design and automate customer journeys based on how they interact with your business. We’ll help you turn window shoppers into lifelong customers.

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Beautiful designs created in seconds

Creative Assistant New

Give us a few minutes and we'll give you back hours. With our new Creative Assistant we can generate beautiful on‑brand designs across multiple channels utilizing your existing brand assets.

Our Creative Assistant is the first* AI-powered design tool within a major online marketing platform that automatically creates beautiful, on-brand, multichannel designs.

*As compared to Shopify, GoDaddy, HubSpot, CM Commerce, Constant Contact, Active Campaign, Wix, Squarespace, Zoho, Klaviyo, Mailerlite, Sendinblue and Aweber.

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Confidently know what works and drive results

Smart Recommendations

With Mailchimp's proprietary intelligence engine we turn data into actionable insights that help you create smarter content, grow your audience, predict who to best target, and know what action to take next.

Ready to get started?

AdHoc Presents

“Lucky for us, Mailchimp isn’t just a tool. It’s a teacher. It’s a launchpad for any business owner.”

  • Morgan Schaffner, AdHoc Presents
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Hire a Marketing Pro

If you need extra design and development guidance or just want tips from marketing’s brightest minds, we can connect you to the right person.

Ready When You Are

Our Mailchimp Smarts are ready to get to work for your business. Powered by our proprietary intelligence engine pulling insights from millions of small-business customers, over 2 billion marketing activities, global industry trends, and aggregate performance data. It's a platform like no other.