Grow your e‑commerce business when you market smarter

Our all‑in‑one Marketing Platform has data‑driven tools and insights to help you build stronger customer relationships, find new fans, and boost sales.

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Keep your customers coming back for more

Collect and organize customer information, purchase behaviors, preferences, and more, so you can drive more sales with personalized marketing. Then get smarter as you grow with help from detailed e-commerce reports.

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Put your audience at the heart of your marketing

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) helps you know who you’re talking to. Use Mailchimp’s Marketing CRM to better understand your audience, and our customer lifetime value (CLV) predictive model to identify which customer segments to target in future campaigns.

Seamlessly integrate your e‑commerce platform

Mailchimp pulls in purchase data from your store and automatically creates a number of pre-built e-commerce segments for you (based on buyer behavior, predicted demographics, and more), helping you make smarter marketing decisions that drive even more sales.

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Engage loyal customers and attract new ones

Mailchimp’s all-in-one Marketing Platform has everything you need to craft multi-channel campaigns that get noticed, so you can stop switching between multiple marketing tools.

Automate your busy work in no time

  • Bring customers back

    Example of an abandoned cart email that says don't forget about us.

    Remind customers of products they’ve left behind with an automated abandoned cart email or postcard.

  • Delight new buyers

    Turn new customers into lifelong fans when you engage them from day 1. Introduce yourself, ask for feedback, or send a discount.

  • Reward your biggest fans

    Best Customers Email

    Use store data to determine your best buyers, then say thanks in the form of special offers or promo codes. They get a discount, you get more sales.

  • Suggest a product

  • Recapture their attention

    An enticing email about new products

    Create automated emails that keep your business top‑of‑mind and keep customers interested in your products.

Example of an abandoned cart email that says don't forget about us.
Best Customers Email
A product recommendations email
An enticing email about new products
"When we send a retargeting email, customers always end up buying more than they initially set out to buy when they first visited the site."

Reggie Thomas, founder of Pinship

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Know what persuades your customers to buy

With our easy-to-digest reports, you can monitor campaign engagement and see how much revenue they’re generating. So you always know what’s working best for your customers and your store.

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More trial with less error

We’ll help you optimize your marketing with tools like A/B testing and important insights like your customers’ lifetime value (CLV) and their likelihood to purchase from your store again.

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Supporting you from day one

We’re here to help you connect your store, set up automations, or point you in the right direction whenever you get lost. We’ve got marketing guides, step-by-step tutorials, an award-winning support team, and more.

"Mailchimp’s support team is awesome. They’re like family, holding your hand through your business."

Our all-in-one Marketing Platform has all-in-one pricing to streamline your tools and free up your budget.