Digital Marketing Storage

On‑brand marketing assets, every time

Use content studio to sync and manage digital assets including photos, graphics and other marketing files so your campaigns are consistent.

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Stand out with designs made just for you

Our Creative Assistant blends design principles with our smarts to automatically build beautiful, on-brand designs for you in seconds. Choose and edit your favorite options, and let our AI resize them for each marketing channel.

Digital asset management for marketers

Upload or sync your digital marketing assets, edit them directly in the content studio, and then use them across all of your marketing campaigns.

Content Studio - Benefits

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Manage all your digital marketing assets

Storage in marketing is important. Easily store your photos, documents, and other campaign files in one convenient location, so you’ll always be able to find exactly what you're looking for. And when you connect your store and social media accounts, we'll pull in all of your product images for you, too.

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Create a cohesive brand experience

Set a default logo to include in each marketing campaign, then re-use your digital assets to keep all your marketing—across multiple channels—consistent and on-brand.

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Quickly go from concept to publish

When you upload your images and other creative assets to our marketing asset management software, you can add them to any campaign in just a few clicks.

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Collaborate with your whole team

The content studio makes it easy to find, share, and repurpose content, so your team can work on campaigns together—and everyone stays on the same page.

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Bring all your work together

Organize all your creative digital assets in one Mailchimp account, so you’ll always have access to the files you need. When you're ready to launch a new campaign, our marketing storage platform will have your back.

Upload your images and files

Our file uploader makes it easy to import & store your digital assets in one place.

Repurpose your social media content

Import Instagram and Facebook content to create multichannel messaging.

Add product images from your store

We’ll automatically import your images, so you can add them to any campaign.

Find the perfect GIF for your campaign

Use our searchable Giphy library to find the right GIF for any situation.

Create content with Canva

Send designs directly from Canva to your content studio to use in campaigns.

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Enhance with Adobe Photoshop

Sync images from Photoshop to your content studio and make quick updates.

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Storage and editing tools at your fingertips

Customize the look of your marketing assets with beautiful graphics and designs that bring your brand to life. Our content studio includes a built-in photo editor so you can resize your images, add filters and text, adjust brightness and contrast, and a whole lot more.


  • How does digital asset management work?

    Using a digital asset management marketing software can make it much easier for you to store and manage digital assets. As your brand grows, you’re sure to amass more and more photos, documents, and other digital assets in your marketing campaigns. Whether you’re publishing product images on social media accounts or updating your website with unique graphics, you may end up with a lot of digital assets and no place to store them.

    This is where digital asset management for marketing comes into play. Using Mailchimp, you can sync, store, and manage all of your digital assets in one convenient place.

  • What is content studio in Mailchimp?

    With Mailchimp’s content studio, you can store and manage all of the images, files, and other assets you’ve uploaded over time. You can also connect your store and social media accounts to automatically import and store digital assets as well.

    In addition to storage, Mailchimp’s content studio has a range of other valuable features. For instance, you can use the Creative Assistant—an AI-powered design tool—to quickly generate sleek designs that are true to your brand. You can also edit or change your brand’s logo and easily filter through all of your brand’s digital assets.

  • What is digital asset management?

    Digital asset management describes the practice of storing and managing creative digital assets for your brand. With marketing asset management software, you can store any digital assets you use and quickly retrieve them when you need them.

    Mailchimp’s digital asset management system is a digital marketing storage solution that doubles as a creative tool. Using our small business asset management software, you can keep track of your brand’s content in order to stay organized and strengthen future marketing campaigns.

  • What is digital asset management software?

    Digital asset management marketing software is a system that streamlines the process of storing and organizing digital assets. Using Mailchimp's marketing asset management software, you can conveniently upload, edit, and store a wide variety of digital assets. This can make it easier to devise marketing campaigns and repurpose your brand’s content.

  • Why digital asset management?

    It’s important for any brand to engage in digital asset management for marketing. Between posting on social media, undertaking email marketing campaigns, and redesigning your company website, you’re sure to create, alter, and remove many digital assets. So where do all of those digital assets go?

    It would be unwise to permanently delete brand assets such as product images, campaign files, and graphics that were created especially for your brand. When you store your digital assets, you are able to better understand how your brand and your marketing strategies have progressed and grown. Additionally, you may want to repurpose images, graphics, and more for future campaigns.

    With digital marketing storage from Mailchimp, you can keep all of your digital assets in one centralized location. This way, you can stay organized and work toward creating a holistic brand image for years to come.

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