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Create engaging emails easily in Mailchimp to grow your brand and sell more stuff. Our email tools will help your business get the most out of your email marketing.

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Stand out with beautiful emails

Mailchimp's email marketing software allows you to get a head start with a variety of drag-and-drop email templates. Or choose to code your own in our email builder. Our Creative Assistant will even create designs for your emails based on your brand.

Get their attention with click‑worthy content

Draw your customers in with the right subject lines based on feedback from our Subject Line Helper, then use our Content Optimizer to get personalized suggestions that can help make your email copy, imagery, and layout more engaging.

Let automations deliver the right message for you

Make your emails more relevant with behavior-based automated journeys created in our Customer Journey Builder. Send emails based on your customers’ behavior and interactions, delivering better experiences and driving higher engagement.

An email marketing solution that delivers

Our delivery rate for email marketing campaigns is one of the highest in the industry. We’ll take care of the technical stuff so that you can focus on building relationships with your customers and see a higher return on your efforts.

Turn insights into results

See what's working in your email campaigns and track your sales with our Reports. Drill down into where people clicked in your emails with Click Maps so you can tailor your content for more engagement.

Find new ways to engage your audience easily


Learn what your customers need with Mailchimp Surveys and create more targeted campaigns


Boost your email results by connecting your other email marketing tools through our Integrations

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Design and track your email campaigns anywhere and anytime with our all-in-one Mobile App

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  • How effective is email marketing?

    Email marketing can be a powerful part of any company’s marketing strategy. By taking advantage of effective email marketing tools, you can engage with your audience by crafting personalized messages that appeal to their interests. And, with free email marketing tools, this can be an extremely cost-effective way of marketing your business.

  • How to get email on your domain name using Mailchimp

    Using Mailchimp, you can search for and purchase a domain name for your business. Once you purchase a domain name through Mailchimp, you’ll receive a confirmation email that asks you to verify the domain name. Once verified, you can begin using it as part of Mailchimp’s email marketing solution.

  • How to send an email campaign in Mailchimp

    The first step in sending an email campaign through Mailchimp is creating an email. Once you begin, the next step is to add recipients. Recipients may include all the subscribers in your audience or only certain segments, depending on your goals and preferences.

    After you’ve determined who your recipients are, you’ll just need to include your name and email address, write a subject line, and design the email. Mailchimp offers a wide variety of templates, designs, and tools that make it easy to create sleek and user-friendly emails.

    After these basic steps have been completed and you’ve configured the settings to your liking, all you have to do is review your campaign and send it!

  • How to start email marketing

    Email marketing can serve as a cornerstone of any company’s digital marketing strategy. If you don’t already have an email marketing strategy in place or you’re interested in improving your company’s email marketing campaigns, check out Mailchimp.

    Gain access to free email marketing tools when you create an account with MailChimp. With our email marketing solutions, you can quickly and easily organize your audience, segment customers, write and design emails, set timing preferences and triggers, and evaluate your performance.

  • How to use Mailchimp for email marketing

    To use Mailchimp for email marketing, start by creating an account for your business. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of plans, including our Free email marketing plan, which comes with a suite of powerful tools.

    Once your account is set up, add or collect contacts to create an audience. You’ll also be able to create signup forms that make it easy for customers to add themselves to your email list.

    To begin an email campaign, simply determine your target audience, write and design your email, and send out the campaign. Make sure to monitor your performance in order to gauge the success of your email marketing campaign.

  • What are the four types of email marketing campaigns?

    There are many types of email marketing campaigns. However, there are four principal types of marketing emails, which include:

    • Promotional emails: Promotional emails advertise a company’s products or services, often by promoting sales, discounts, seasonal events, company events, and so on.
    • Product update emails: These emails inform customers about new or updated products.
    • Digital newsletters: Digital newsletters are regularly sent to a company’s email list to inform customers of company or industry updates by providing interesting articles or relevant news.
    • Transactional emails: These emails are typically triggered by a customer action. For example, if a customer buys a product, they may receive a confirmation email or a follow-up email that asks for their feedback.
  • What do email marketing platforms do?

    Email marketing services like Mailchimp streamline the process of creating and sending out email marketing campaigns. Using Mailchimp, you can create and manage an audience, configure email marketing campaigns, and monitor their performance, all on one platform.

  • What is email marketing?

    Email marketing is a marketing tactic where companies communicate commercial information to customers on their email list. Companies may use email marketing to inform customers of new products, advertise upcoming sales, share content, or do any number of other things, with the goal of promoting your brand and engaging with customers.

  • What is email marketing software?

    Email marketing software makes it easy for companies to create and monitor email marketing campaigns. With email marketing services like Mailchimp, it’s easy to build and segment your audience, create sleek emails, send out campaigns, analyze your performance, and more.

  • What is Mailchimp email?

    Mailchimp is a marketing platform that enables businesses to create and send out email marketing campaigns. With Mailchimp, companies can store and manage customer information, then leverage that data to create effective email marketing campaigns. Best of all, companies can engage in free email marketing when they use Mailchimp’s Free plan.

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