Marketing CRM Software for Small Businesses

Build better relationships with your customers

Get to know your audience and find new ways to market to them when you use Mailchimp for customer relationship management (CRM).

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CRM marketing software that scales as you do

Customer relationship management isn’t just a marketing solution for big businesses. Create stronger connections with your customers from day 1 with our Marketing CRM tools, and find everything you need to have relevant conversations with your people—whether you’re building a brand new audience or you have thousands of contacts already.


Connect all your contact data

To make contact management easy, use our CRM solution with ready-made segments.


Organize what you know

Create your own segments and tags to filter audience data however you need to.


Understand patterns in your data

Get to know your target customers at a glance with your audience dashboard.


Turn audience insights into action

Set up automated messages to trigger based on specific segments or tags.

See how Mailchimp's all-in-one Marketing Platform helps you market smarter.
List showing audience members per tag and the ability to send an ad to a certain audience.

Understand customer data and act on it—all in one dashboard

Our audience dashboard shows you pre-built segments like top locations, recent sources of growth, common tags, and even customer lifetime value (CLV).

CRM Benefits

Get a holistic view of your audience

Whether you’re starting from scratch with CRM software or bringing an existing audience into Mailchimp, connecting your favorite tools and keeping all your contact data in Mailchimp's marketing CRM tool helps you stay organized and improve your marketing. Best of all, our audience dashboard will help you get to know your audience at a glance, visually showing you segments within your audience data that you can send targeted campaigns to with just a few clicks.

Organize your contacts however you need to

With all your contact data in one place, it’s easy to use Mailchimp’s segmentation tools to find exactly who you need to talk to. Segments, tags, and groups work in slightly different ways to help you create your own organizational structure and keep track of everything you learn about contacts as you grow.

Get insights about how to talk to your audience

Mailchimp makes it easy to gain insights about your audience—from a bird's eye view or at an individual level. Our growth, engagement, and revenue reports will help you discover patterns in audience behavior and see what’s working with your marketing. Contact profiles let you meet the people behind the numbers, so you can dive in and see what actions have led to a purchase, leave notes about individual preferences, and more.

Build a personalized experience for every customer

With all your contact data organized in the Mailchimp CRM, you can start using those insights to make sure your marketing speaks to individual customers across marketing channels. Use Mailchimp’s behavioral targeting and personalization tools to make campaigns feel like a 1-on-1 conversation in real time—sending the right message at the right moment, and always making the right personalized product recommendations.

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Stay connected with Mailchimp’s mobile app

Never miss an opportunity to collect and organize new contacts wherever you meet them—at an event or in your store.

Use our marketing CRM software on the go. Track your audience activity or explore the contact profile for an individual view. Add tags, track engagement, or reach out to contacts directly via email, text, or call.

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How to manage your audience in Mailchimp's Contact Management System

See how our Marketing CRM tools help you get a clearer picture of who your audience is and how to keep them engaged.

“As we continue to segment and test our campaigns, we are seeing our revenue and engagement increase with our customers.”

Daisy Downs, Co-Founder and Vice President of Marketing UrbanSitter

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  • Can Mailchimp be used for CRM?

    Yes, Mailchimp provides a suite of marketing CRM tools that you can use to understand, connect with, and grow your audience. Using our all-in-one audience dashboard, you can achieve a more comprehensive view of your customers and gain valuable insights into customer interests and behavior.

  • How to sync CRM with Mailchimp

    If you have very particular needs when it comes to marketing CRM software—or you wish to supplement Mailchimp’s CRM features with an external CRM solution—you are able to sync other marketing CRM tools with Mailchimp. Visit our integrations directory to sync outside marketing CRM software with Mailchimp and connect other apps and programs you may use.

  • How to use Mailchimp as a CRM

    Mailchimp allows you to keep all of your customer data and insights in one place, enabling you to better manage your audience. To use Mailchimp as a marketing CRM software, take advantage of the customer management tools we offer.

    First of all, you can use Mailchimp to import contact data and set up an audience. You can store customer contact data in Mailchimp and use tags and segments to organize and filter this data. Leverage segmentation tools to better understand audience behavior and customize your engagement and marketing strategies.

    Our behavioral targeting and personalization tools will help your company go even further in creating experiences and content that are tailored to each customer. With our tools, you can identify your most engaged customers and send personalized emails at the moments when they can make the biggest impact.

  • What are CRM tools?

    The goal of CRM tools is to improve the customer relationship by providing each customer with a better experience. Marketing CRM tools allow companies to store customer data and interactions, which in turn make it easier to identify future sales opportunities, product innovations, process alterations, and more.

    Using Mailchimp, you can store customer data in one centralized location and quickly and easily analyze that data to produce valuable insights. With our marketing CRM software, you can create an audience—where you store all of your contact data—and then segment that audience based on behavior, preferences, and other factors.

  • What CRM integrates with Mailchimp?

    You can connect a variety of CRM marketing tools to Mailchimp in order to best meet the needs of your company. Simply visit our integrations directory to explore the wide range of programs, services, apps, and tools that we can support.

  • What is CRM software?

    Customer relationship management software—commonly referred to as CRM software—is a type of software that allows businesses to keep track of and analyze customer information and interactions. CRM marketing software helps companies provide their customers with a more personalized and convenient experience. At the same time, effective CRM software can help a company streamline internal processes, understand customer behavior, and bolster marketing campaigns.

  • What is CRM software used for?

    CRM marketing software is used to organize and analyze customer data, with the goal of better understanding a company’s audience and improving the customer experience. Marketing CRM softwares like Mailchimp allow business owners to store and manage customer data in a centralized location. By organizing, filtering, and analyzing customer data points, companies can improve their marketing strategy, connect with their audience, and identify sales opportunities.

  • Why use CRM with Mailchimp?

    Mailchimp provides a range of marketing CRM tools that make it easy for businesses to store, manage, and analyze customer data. And, when you use Mailchimp, you don’t just gain access to CRM marketing tools—you also gain access to the many other features, from automations to content creation to email marketing tools. With Mailchimp, you get an all-in-one marketing platform that’s both effective and easy-to-use.

Start using audience data to improve your marketing

Mailchimp gives you the tools you need to build better customer relationships at scale.

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