MailChimp's drag and drop email designer

The easiest way to design a campaign

Drag and drop photos and content blocks, so your words and images are exactly where you want them. Replicate and re-order content blocks with one click, and adjust the layout to your heart's content. Develop your own color palette, customize your message with our selection of web fonts, include helpful calls to action, and more.

Showcase products from your online store

Our customizable product blocks and data-driven product recommendations make it easy for online sellers to advertise via email. Once you connect your store to MailChimp, drag and drop product blocks into your campaign to promote a single item or highlight a collection of your best sellers. Then, include a product recommendations content block, which analyzes the purchase history of each customer and suggests the items they’ll want to buy next.

MailChimp's customizable product blocks and data-driven product recommendations

Create a hero section

Grab the attention of your recipients by adding a background image to any section of your campaign. In just a few clicks, you can increase visual interest and promote brand consistency.

Add a background image to any section of your campaign

Built-in photo editing

Edit and resize images using our built-in tools. No need to open up another program just to tweak your photos.

MailChimp built-in photo editor


MailChimp’s template editor adapts to your workflow. Post comments and send test emails for your team while you’re working on a campaign. Reply to each other’s feedback, and mark comments as read to check things off the list.

comments and feedback in MailChimp
MailChimp campaign preview

Test and preview for mobile

Push a test campaign to your own mobile device to quickly see what it's going to look like before sending, and preview desktop and mobile versions side-by-side to make sure they're both in great shape.

Optimized for mobile

All of your templates are mobile optimized, right out of the box. No expertise or custom coding required.

Intuitive file manager

Our file manager helps you filter, search, and organize your images and documents. You can sort by file type, size, or upload date to find exactly what you need. And you can access the file manager from the email designer, templates dashboard, or code editor.

MailChimp file manager

Automatic link checker

MailChimp's link checker saves you time by verifying every URL in your email. It also shows you a screenshot on hover, so you can make sure every link is pointing to the right place.

MailChimp automatic link check gives a preview of links mentioned in your campaign