From open rates to revenue reports, MailChimp tells you all about how your campaigns perform. But we can help with the humans behind all those clicks and opens, too.

Subscriber Profiles offer unified, cross-channel views of your subscribers—simple, powerful, and accessible from any device.

Unified subscriber profile

Keep tabs on your people

See what time zone someone is in, which email client they prefer, whether or not they’re on mobile, and more. If there’s a particular subscriber you want to learn more about, just search for their name right inside MailChimp.

Meet your VIPs

We rate every user based on their past opens, clicks, bounces and unsubscribes, making it easy for you to find your biggest fans. Tag your top subscribers as VIPs and track their activity.

See purchase history

MailChimp’s e-commerce features track purchases tied to your email campaigns. See purchase information from individual subscribers and which of your campaigns led to their past purchases—find out what works for your people.

Add notes to your subscriber's profile

Take notes

Your subscribers are more than the sum of their merge fields, so keep track of their quirks and preferences with MailChimp's Notes function. Met a customer at a conference and you want to follow up with them later? Note! Had a great exchange with a fan you don't want to forget? Note!

Start conversations

Follow up with your subscribers right from their profiles. The Conversations tab makes it easy to view replies and search through archived conversations. You can even send segmented campaigns to folks you’ve talked with in the past.

Track subscriber activity

When you connect your site or e-commerce store, you can trigger automations based on subscriber activity. Track when subscribers click a specific link on a page, which products they’re viewing in your store, or how long it’s been since they last visited your site. Then, explore their subscriber profile to view individual stats and learn more about their web activity.

Add notes to your subscriber's profile

Get social

Activate Social Profiles for your list, and use your subscribers’ publicly available social data to identify your most connected and loyal fans across social networks.

Access it all on the go

Subscriber Profiles are accessible through MailChimp’s mobile app, and the options are always expanding. Track the recent activity of your subscribers, view the information you’ve collected about them, or email them directly from their profile—all from the palm of your hand.