About Mailchimp Pro

Mailchimp Pro is a suite of advanced features, available as an add-on to paid legacy pricing plans. With tools like Multivariate Campaigns, Comparative Reporting, and Delivery Insights, Pro helps improve your email marketing and increase your return on investment (ROI).

In this article, you'll learn about the tools and features included in Mailchimp Pro.


Mailchimp introduced a new pricing model on May 15, 2019. If you had a paid Mailchimp account before the new pricing model was introduced, you’ve been grandfathered into your existing legacy plan and you won’t see any changes.

Mailchimp Pro is available as an add-on to paid legacy plans only. Our new pricing plans include Pro-level features with the Premium plan.


The Mailchimp Pro add-on is available for a flat monthly fee of $199.00 (USD), in addition to the cost of your legacy Mailchimp plan. For existing Monthly plan users who add Pro in the middle of their billing or subscriber-count cycle, we'll prorate the first month's Pro charge.


Priority Support

All paid customers have access to email and chat support. As a Pro user, you'll be sent to the front of our support queue where you'll be helped by a team of dedicated experts. Our Pro Support Team is specially trained to help you get the most out of Mailchimp Pro and is there to help you troubleshoot any problems you encounter.

Targeted Sending

Pro's targeting tools include advanced segmentation, additional audience fields, and TimeWarp for automated emails.

  • Advanced Segmentation
    Advanced segmentation takes our regular segmentation to the next level and allows you to create more complex segments that combine any and all logic in a single segment. Advanced segments can't be used with automated emails, including RSS campaigns.
  • Additional Audience Fields
    While regular Mailchimp users are allowed 30 fields per audience, Pro users have access to 50 additional fields, bringing the total to 80 per audience. Additional audience fields help you further personalize and target your campaign content to your contacts.
  • TimeWarp for Automation
    Paid users with Pro added on have the option to use TimeWarp to schedule automated emails. TimeWarp is a paid feature that schedules email campaigns to send based on each subscriber's timezone.
  • Transactional Email Blocks
    Pro users are eligible for two free transactional email blocks per month when you enable the Mandrill add-on. Use Mandrill to send personalized one-to-one e-commerce emails and automated transactional emails.

Comprehensive Testing

Mailchimp Pro includes powerful tools to help you test your email campaign content so you can learn the type of content that resonates with your subscribers, and get a better idea of how your finished email campaigns will look.

  • Inbox Preview
    As a Pro user, you get 100 free tokens per billing cycle to use our Inbox Preview feature. Inbox Previews allow you to see how your email campaign will look to your subscribers in different email clients.
  • Multivariate Testing
    With Multivariate Campaigns, you can test multiple variables to see how small changes to your campaign can have a big impact on your engagement and ROI. Compare results to help improve your campaign content.

Advanced Reporting

Pro includes powerful analytic tools to help you iterate on your email campaign content, and improve your email marketing.

  • Comparative Reports
    Pro's advanced reporting capabilities let you create Comparative Reports. Compile data from sent email campaigns into one comprehensive, shareable report, then use your report to help you identify patterns in subscriber activity, and improve and target your email campaign content.
  • Compliance Insights
    Your sending reputation directly impacts the deliverability of your email campaigns. Pro packages this information for you in easy-to-follow scales and scores called Compliance Insights. Use Compliance Insights to keep an eye on your account reputation, then optimize your delivery for maximum open and click rates.
  • Delivery Insights
    With Delivery Insights, you can see the progress of your email campaign as it's sent to your recipients. Use Delivery Insights to determine if you can still stop delivery on a sent email campaign.
  • Stop Delivery
    With Mailchimp Pro, you have the power to stop a campaign mid-send. If you realize you made a mistake in a campaign you just sent, use Stop Delivery to keep it from being delivered to the remainder of your audience. Stop Delivery only works on campaigns with 10,000 or more subscribers.

Add or Remove Mailchimp Pro

Add Mailchimp Pro

To add Pro to your account, follow these steps.

  1. Click your profile name and choose Account.
  2. Click the Billing drop-down menu and choose Monthly plans or credits.
    billing drop-down menu with cursor over monthly plans or credits
  3. Under the Mailchimp Pro heading, click Add For $199.00 / Month.
    Cursor clicking the button to add Mailchimp Pro for $199/month.

We'll update your current bill to reflect your Pro add-on charge. You can remove Pro from your account at any time.

Remove Mailchimp Pro

To remove Pro from your account, follow these steps.

  1. Click your profile name and choose Account.
  2. Click the Billing drop-down menu and choose Monthly plans or credits.
  3. Under the Mailchimp Pro heading, click Remove.
    Cursor clicking Remove under Mailchimp Pro heading.
  4. Answer the questions provided and click Deactivate Mailchimp Pro.

We'll display a success message to let you know we've removed Pro from your account, and remove the charge from your bill.

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