After Facebook and Instagram Ad Submission

After you submit a Facebook or Instagram ad through Mailchimp, Facebook will review it to make sure it meets certain advertising policies. If it's approved, we'll send you an email with the expected posting date. If it's rejected, we'll let you know why, so you can correct the issue and get back to work.

In this article, you'll learn about what happens in the ad review process, as well as some common ad submission errors and how to resolve them.

The Ad Review Process

When you submit a Facebook or Instagram ad through Mailchimp's Ad Builder, we'll send it to Facebook for review. The review timeline can vary a lot depending on volume at Facebook. Expect for it to take up to a day to complete, but it's often a lot quicker.

During the ad review process, Facebook will check your ad in several areas to make sure it meets their policies:

  • Audience size
  • Ad images
  • Text
  • Targeting
  • Positioning
  • Content on your ad's landing page

Learn more about Facebook policies on their site.

Facebook Advertising Policy

Check your ad's status

On the Campaigns page, a status label will appear next to your ad, so you can tell its publishing status at a glance.

Ad Status LabelDescriptionNext Steps
PendingYour ad has been submitted.Keep an eye on your inbox to see if Facebook approves or rejects your ad.
RunningYour ad is running.Check out your ad report for performance stats!
PausedYour ad is paused.You can resume your paused ad when you're ready to go live again.
ScheduledYour ad is scheduled to appear online.The ad was approved, and is scheduled to publish at the date and time you chose in the Ad Builder.
CanceledYour ad has been canceled.Your canceled ad can't be restarted, but you can try a new ad.
Canceled by FacebookFacebook has canceled your ad.Your ad was stopped by Facebook due to low rates of audience engagement, but you can try a new ad.
RejectedYour ad has been rejected.Review our ad rejection guidelines and try again.
CompletedYour ad has finished running.Check out your ad report to see how things went, or start planning your next ad.

After the review

After you submit your ad and Facebook completes their review, we'll let you know if your ad was approved.

My ad was approved

If Facebook approves your ad, it's good to go! The ad is compliant with Facebook's advertising policies, and will post on Facebook or Instagram soon.

Sit back, relax, and watch the results roll in on your Reports page over the next few days or weeks, depending on how long you decided to run your ad.

My ad was rejected

There are more than 100 reasons why Facebook might reject an ad, and it happens to almost all marketers at one point or another. Luckily, a rejection doesn't always mean your ad isn't useable.

If Facebook rejects your ad, we'll notify you via email and on the Campaigns page of your Mailchimp account. You can edit your ad to comply with Facebook's rejection reason, and then resubmit it.

About Facebook's Ad Rejection Errors

Read this section for an overview of the different Facebook policies that can cause errors and possible rejections of your Facebook and Instagram ads, and some steps you can take to make things work.

Audience issues

Audience errors can happen when Facebook determines that your targeted audience isn't big enough for an ad.

Example Error : Facebook rejected the ad because an audience must include at least 20 people.

How to Resolve: Navigate to your ad in Mailchimp and edit the Audience section of your ad to make your audience more broad. Then resubmit the ad.

Content issues

Content errors can happen when your ad's content doesn't comply with Facebook's advertising policies.

Example Error : Facebook rejected an ad because the ad text is in all caps.

How to Resolve: Navigate to your ad in Mailchimp and edit the Content section of your ad to comply. Then resubmit the ad.

Ad destination and relevance

Facebook may reject your ad if the landing page you link to isn't relevant to the ad, or if it causes issues for users.

Example Error : Facebook rejected an ad that causes pop-ups when clicked.

How to Resolve : Navigate to your ad in Mailchimp and edit the Content section of your ad. Change the Link to address to a compliant URL. Then resubmit the ad.

Age restrictions

Sometimes, certain types of content aren't allowed for Facebook users under 18.

Example Error : Facebook rejected an ad because it markets alcohol to teens.
How to Resolve : Navigate to your ad in Mailchimp and update the Audience section of your ad to comply with Facebook's policy. Then resubmit the ad.

Prohibited products or services

Facebook doesn't allow certain business types to advertise on the platform, such as dating sites or surveillance equipment.

Example Error : Facebook rejected an ad that sells spy cameras.

How to resolve : You can attempt to edit the content and resubmit the ad through Mailchimp, but Facebook still may not let the service be advertised.


This type of Facebook ad failure happens when a live ad is reported by another Facebook user for copyright or trademark infringement.

Example Error : Facebook rejected an ad that uses another company's licensed branding to advertise its own product.

How to Resolve : Facebook will remove the ad, so resolution of this error type isn't possible.

Edit and resubmit a rejected ad

If your ad isn't approved, you can make some edit and resubmit it for approval.

To fix a rejected ad and resubmit it, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to the Campaigns page.
  2. Scroll or use the search bar to locate your rejected ad.
  3. Click the name of the ad that has an issue.
  4. Read the error message in the Ad Builder, which includes the rejection reason from Facebook.
  5. Edit your ad to correct the issue described in the rejection. For example, if your ad image had too much text, you'll need to replace the image.
  6. Click Resubmit Ad.

We'll send your ad to Facebook for another review. You won't be charged again for resubmitting the ad. Better luck this time!

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