About Facebook and Instagram Retargeting Ads

Mailchimp’s Facebook and Instagram retargeting ads help remind site visitors about your products when they check their social media. We’ll help you create and publish ads that recapture your potential customers’ attention.

Depending on your plan, you may not have access to Facebook and Instagram retargeting ads. To find out what features are included in each plan, check out our pricing page.

In this article, you'll learn about our Facebook and Instagram retargeting ads.

How Retargeting Works

Web retargeting shows ad content to people who've visited your website. Publish a retargeting ad through Mailchimp, and people who visit your site will see the ad when they browse on Facebook, Instagram, or Facebook’s Audience Network.

Our Facebook and Instagram retargeting ads allow you to retarget ads to anyone who visits your connected site with the Facebook ad pixel enabled. Inside Mailchimp’s ad builder, choose Website visitor on the Audience step to create your retargeting ad. You can make an ad from products, images, or GIFs you already have in Mailchimp.

About the Facebook Ad Pixel

To publish retargeting ads, your connected site or landing page will need to have the Facebook ad pixel enabled. This pixel tracks Facebook and Instagram users who visit your site so that we can display your ad when they check their social media channels.

After the pixel is enabled, building your ad's audience may take some time. Facebook requires a minimum audience of 1,000 site visitors within 30 days of publishing a retargeting ad. We recommend setting your ad’s duration for an extended time so your audience can build.

The process to add a Facebook pixel depends on whether you want to add it to a landing page or a connected site.

Facebook Pixel on Landing Pages

When you publish a landing page that you’d like to use for a retargeting ad, be sure to confirm you agree to our additional terms in the Settings & Tracking section. You’ll only need to accept the terms once. We’ll automatically insert a Facebook ad pixel on the landing page when you publish your retargeting ad.

Facebook Pixel on Connected Sites

If you connect your website to Mailchimp, we automatically enable the pixel on your site as soon as you publish your first Facebook and Instagram retargeting ad. You can also enable the pixel manually on your Connected Sites page, if you’d like to build your audience before publishing the ad.

Facebook and Instagram Retargeting Ideas

Retargeting ads look like other ads you can create for Facebook and Instagram. Since these ads display only to your site visitors, you can retarget for a few different reasons.

  • Remind visitors of your products
    Potential customers have likely seen the items on your site. Remind them of the products that they are already interested in, and use an ad to encourage them to purchase.
  • Introduce your other brands
    Retargeting ads can showcase other sites or brands you maintain. If your connected site gets a lot of traffic, educate your visitors on other sites that you want them to visit.
  • Announce events and sales
    Next time you host a special event or sale, use an ad to inform your visitors about the date, time, and location.


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