Getting Started with Facebook and Instagram Ads

Making ads in Mailchimp helps you reach new audiences. Create, edit, and publish Facebook and Instagram ads, then view results without ever leaving your Mailchimp account. Generate new leads, boost sales on a product, earn donations, retarget your site visitors, and more.

In this article, you'll learn about ads for Facebook and Instagram.

About Facebook and Instagram Ads

Millions of people use Facebook and Instagram every day, and your potential customers, clients, and prospects are likely there, too.

Use ads to reach a large audience of social media users, including your Mailchimp contacts, people similar to your contacts, new audiences based on criteria you choose, or people who visited your site.

After you publish your ad, we'll start tracking ROI, engagement, and cost-per-click results in your Mailchimp Reports. This way, you'll see the value of every ad dollar you spend.

Sample Ads

You can build three types of ads: a regular ad featuring one static image, a GIF ad, or a carousel ad, which cycles through multiple static images to tell a visual story. Post your ad on Facebook, Instagram, or both.

Static Ad


Carousel Ad


How it Works

Creating an ad through Mailchimp is a multi-step process. Here's how it works.

Design Your Ad in the Ad Builder

  • Connect to Facebook
    Connect your business's Facebook Page. If you want to post ads to Instagram, you’ll also need to Add Instagram to Your Facebook Page.
  • Choose your audience
    Target an audience of your contacts, brand new people who are similar to your contacts, people with specific interests, or your site visitors.
  • Set your budget
    Decide how much to spend on your ad.
  • Design your ad content
    Create a static image ad, a GIF ad, or an ad with multiple static images in carousel format.

Submit and Review

  • Submit your ad to Facebook
    After you submit and confirm your Facebook or Instagram ad, we'll send it over to Facebook for review.
  • Check back later
    Facebook will review the ad to make sure it fits their Advertising Policy. This process can take a bit of time, depending on Facebook's queue.

Post Ad and View Results

  • Post ad on social media.
    When Facebook approves your ad, we'll let you know via email that your ad will appear online soon. Ads can appear in Facebook Feeds, Facebook Instant Articles, and Audience Network (visible on mobile only), or in Instagram feeds.
  • View results
    Ad results will be updated daily in the Reports page of your Mailchimp account, where you can also view comments and likes.


Ads are a simple and affordable way to boost your marketing. We don't add any extra service fees, and you'll only pay what Facebook charges for ads.

Facebook and Instagram Ad Billing

Help Resources

Take a look at these resources to get started with your own ads.

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