I got a security alert in my browser.

Mailchimp supports SSL encryption throughout our application, so you may occasionally see a security alert or mixed media content warning. These are more frequent for Internet Explorer users.

Don't be alarmed. Most often, you'll see this error when images or content stored on a nonsecure page interact with the Mailchimp app, which is secure.

For instance, if you try to add an image from your image gallery into your campaign, you may see security warnings in Internet Explorer. This is because images in Mailchimp are stored in the cloud, not on the same server as the Mailchimp app. This doesn't affect the security of your Mailchimp data in any way. It just allows nonsecure items to display within our application.

The Error Messages

Each browser handles these security alerts differently.

  • Firefox shows an error message at the top of the screen.
    firefox security
  • Chrome puts a little caution sign over the lock in the URL bar. Click the lock to see details.
    chrome security
  • Internet Explorer displays different pop-up errors, depending on the version of Internet Explorer you're using. If you're in a pop-up window in Mailchimp, like the Content Studio or Preview Mode, the security warning might pop up in the original window, or appear to be hiding behind windows. Use your Alt+Tab keys together to browse through the open windows on your computer.

You want to select to view all content on the page—both secure and nonsecure—so that everything displays normally. If you click to view secure items only, you won't be able to see some images in your campaign. It's safe to view all content, and no private or personal information becomes insecure by choosing to see both types of content.

Places to Expect Alerts

Some parts of our application are more likely to generate these security alerts.

  • Viewing tutorial videos
    Our video system loads a third-party javascript library that can trigger an alert, even if we were to change the SSL certificate.
  • Searching for help In the app
    Internet Explorer users who experience alerts when searching for help from in the Mailchimp application should bookmark mailchimp.com/help for search queries.
  • Image gallery
    You may see security alerts when you add an image to a campaign from the Content Studio. Your security alert may pop up in the window behind the gallery display. Click to display both secure and nonsecure content to add the image in Mailchimp.
  • Campaign pages
    Campaign pages need to be public for all to see, so they can trigger a security warning if viewed from inside the secure Mailchimp application. Your recipients won't see any alerts though.

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