Track and target using e-commerce data

MailChimp’s API has e-commerce functionality that allows you to pull all of your customer purchase activity. Send targeted messages, trigger purchase follow-ups, and generate revenue reports on individual email campaigns. Install an integration with popular shopping carts like Magento and Shopify, or set up a custom connection using our API.


Optimize and improve with multivariate testing

Test variations on your subject line, send time, from name, and campaign content to try out multiple versions of your email campaigns at once. Simply define the content using our drag-and-drop editor, and we’ll take care of the rest. Plus, our multivariate reports show you how effective your email campaigns are.


Monitor your metrics with comparative reports

Comparative reports help you analyze your stats and show you patterns in your subscriber engagement, so you can improve your email campaigns immediately. Monitor your performance over time and compare email campaigns to each other so you can view your data your way. Schedule recurring reports, and we’ll send them directly to you and your team.


Powerful and flexible automation

Provide timely, relevant information that engages your subscribers and makes your email marketing more effective. Send content based on e-commerce and behavioral data, trigger personalized campaigns based on your customers’ interests, and set up educational or promotional series. Our latest updates include e-commerce functionality, so you can trigger emails and workflows based on opens and clicks, e-commerce webhooks, CRM profile updates, video events, and more.

Transactional Email


Mandrill is a transactional email API for MailChimp users. Use it to send one-to-one emails, including targeted e-commerce, automated series, and personalized messages based on behavioral data.

Plus, as a Pro Marketer, you’ll get detailed delivery insight, and you’ll be automatically moved to the front of the line anytime you need technical support.


Built for teams

Marketing teams and agencies can share MailChimp accounts and collaborate on campaigns. Collect feedback with comments, and set up different permission levels for your team with multi-user accounts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods do you offer?

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and (in select countries) direct debit. We also support transactions in a range of currencies.

When would I purchase credits instead of a monthly plan?

If you’re not a frequent sender, you can purchase credits that work like stamps for email. Use our handy calculator to see which plan is best for you.

How do I switch from a free to paid user?

You can become a paid user by signing up for a monthly plan or purchasing pay as you go credits. Paid plans are available for any size list and start as low as $9.

Do you have pricing for high volume senders?

If you send to a list of more than 50,000, we have a high volume plan for you. Simply input the number of subscribers into our calculator above, and we’ll find the right plan for you.

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