Targeted Sending

Get the right message in front of the right customer at the right time.


Advanced Segmentation

Segment with more conditions than ever before. And you can apply combinatorial logic to customer data with nested conditions to get even more granular.

Pro Merge Fields

Fifty additional merge fields means more data storage for you and more finely-tuned emails for your customers.

Timewarp for Automation

Do your customers live all over the world? Schedule automated campaigns to go out at the same time in different time zones.

Transactional Email

Mandrill is our transactional email API for sending personalized one-to-one messages. Pro users who enable Mandrill get 2 free blocks—each block includes 25,000 transactional email sends—every month.

Predicted DemographicsNew

We predict the gender and age range of your customers so you can personalize your marketing by creating segments based on that data. After you send, analyze campaign engagement based on those demographic insights, refine your strategy, and make more money.

Comprehensive Testing

Quickly turn insights into results with these powerful testing features.


Multivariate Testing

Create up to 8 variations of your campaigns, testing any combination of content, subject line, from name, and send time.

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Stop Delivery

Product suddenly out of stock? Miss a typo? Stop Delivery shows your campaign’s sending process, and lets you stop an email before it’s all the way out the door.

Priority Support

We move our Pro customers to the front of the support queue, where they can get help from a dedicated team of experts.

Sophisticated Reporting

Track, compare, and iterate like an expert with our advanced reports.


Comparative Reports

Explore customer behavior the way our data scientists would. Analyze aggregate performance, create segments, schedule reports, and share it all with your team.

Compliance Insights

Quickly learn your reputation score, then optimize your delivery for maximum open and click rates.

Delivery Insights

Follow your campaign’s status as soon as you send. Think of it like a tracking shipment for your email.

Mailchimp Pro is the most powerful product we've ever built. But you don't have to take our word for it.