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Boost Your Business with Landing Pages

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Over the past few years, we’ve watched e-commerce websites grow increasingly complex. And that complexity has come with a cost: What was once a simple, straightforward way to show what your store offers has become a tangled web of cross-sell, upsell, and recommendation features. This has driven the resurgence of landing pages from an enterprise sales tool to an indispensable piece of the marketing puzzle for savvy e-commerce retailers who want to give their customers a single, clear path to success.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that you can now create beautiful, customizable, and mobile-friendly landing pages directly in Mailchimp. Whether you’re just starting out and you need to grow your list, or you run a successful e-commerce shop and you’re looking to supplement your other marketing, our landing pages will help you get your site out of the way and focus the attention of your customers on the goal at hand. And they’re absolutely free.

Flexible templates

When you build landing pages in Mailchimp, you’ll be working with the same intuitive drag-and-drop editor that you’re accustomed to using for all your emails. That means you’ll be able to plan, design, implement, and track mobile-friendly landing pages with the rest of your marketing—and you won’t need to hire an outside designer or developer to help you get the job done. Check out these landing page design tips to get started.

In just a few clicks, you can add full-page hero images, compelling copy, and a font that matches your brand. If you’ve connected your store, you can drag and drop products into your landing pages, too. And since there’s no limit to the number of landing pages you can create in Mailchimp, you have the freedom to experiment with your designs, test different layouts, and then use our powerful reporting tools to help you see which version gets the most visitors, clicks, and conversions.

We’ve got 2 versatile templates to help you get started, each focusing on a different goal: selling more stuff or growing your list. Both templates guide you through adding your brand’s logo, colors, and every important detail to be successful.

Get your store out of the way

The sell more stuff template helps you boost sales by providing your customers with a singular, direct call to action—that nurtures new contacts, educates them about your products, and ultimately, results in more conversions for your business. For example, you might create a landing page to:

  • Announce a new product
  • Showcase your latest collection
  • Highlight special offers for the holidays

A new way to grow your list

The grow your list template, with its email signup call to action, is a powerful tool for building relationships and nurturing new subscribers. We’ve added a signup form content block that allows you to customize the success message after a customer subscribes. Here are a few ways to use this template:

  • Convert social media followers through a giveaway or product presale
  • Drive signups by rewarding new subscribers with a coupon code for free shipping
  • Run a sweepstakes where a few lucky new contacts receive a free gift or two

Then, once they’ve joined your list, set up an automated welcome series to keep the conversation going and turn more subscribers into customers.

An eye toward the future

This feature is a big step for us, but we’ve only started to scratch the surface. In the coming months, we’ll be expanding on landing page functionality in exciting new ways, including fully customizable URLs.

In the meantime, we’ve published a helpful guide full of the inspiration, tips, and best practices you need to get the most out of our landing pages and put them to work for your business. And, as always, we’ll be listening closely to your feedback.

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