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Free Music Websites

Build your advertising efforts with powerful music choices. Find free places to source music for your website with this comprehensive guide.

Video sharing is a driving force in the content world. The rise of social media platforms that let you share content, whether long form or short form, has helped to drive this trend.

It would also follow that video marketing would see a sharp rise as well. It is possible to evidence this rise in video marketing when browsing on social media platforms and on pure video sharing platforms, as well.

Video marketing is compelling because it can be more immersive. These videos can have voices, visuals, and sounds that immerse the intended recipients in your wonderful video messages.

Thankfully, there are several music sites that offer fantastic music that you can use to make an impact with the video portion of your next marketing campaign.

The Case for Using Music in Advertisements

Don’t you feel good when you listen to music regardless of the genre? You often might find yourself looking for music that aligns with your current mood. We do that because we know it can make us feel good or at least feel understood about our situation.

When we are sad, we want to listen to songs that are slower and calmer. But when we are happy or exercising, we choose upbeat songs that help us stay active and hyper. This is because we are emotional beings, and our emotions can lead us.

So yes, music has the power to change our emotions. One study in the Journal of Positive Psychology found that people who listened to upbeat music were able to change their feelings in two weeks.

Music is also used as a therapy to boost patients' immune systems after surgeries.

If this is the case, how will music help your video advertisements?

It can help out tremendously.

Sure, video marketing requires a little more effort and creativity because of its different aspects. But a compelling video marketing campaign can speak to an audience and get your point across effectively.

The key point is to make sure that it is a great video, and having the right soundtrack is a core component of a fantastic video.

You have certainly been there before, a marketing video plays, and you are fully caught up in the video. It draws you in with the right music, amazing visuals, and maybe a great voiceover and text. It captures your attention and brings about different emotions. From then on, it is likely that you would equate that brand with a specific feeling. Yes, music can be the difference between a great video versus one that brings about a snoozefest.

You want people to be engaged and to absorb the message you portray in the video marketing campaign. But you also know that it is not easy to merely conjure up the right music for your video. Many businesses do not have orchestras or brands of musicians to turn to for their videos. That is why you turn to the next best thing, music websites. But there is a problem, these platforms will likely require royalty fees. This makes it less feasible.

Benefits of using music in advertisements

We have noted how impactful your ad can be when you use music. But let’s break it down and see the benefits of using music in your video advertisements.

Command attention

Did you know the volume of commercials increases when it starts to air without you increasing the volume? This is done to grab attention and the same goes when using music. Music will grab the attention of your audience.

Higher conversion rates

Adding music to your ads helps with a higher conversion rate. How? Music raises the attention of your audience. Music has the power to bring positive emotions to people.

And positive emotions can lead to increased purchase intentions. The best part is that you can learn and optimize your campaigns if you track campaign performance effectively.

Brand recognition

Is there a song that reminds you of an ad more than it reminds you of the original song? Sometimes you might have never heard of the original song. You just know the verse that was used in the ad.

Do you remember the Animal Cruelty video with Sarah Mclachlan’s Angel? The video and song made you think about being an angel and improving the life of animals near you. This advertisement is the perfect example to realize the power of music in advertisements. The video was so powerful that comedians and other people mentioned it many times afterward.

Good PR

A great video advertisement with a compelling soundtrack can provide fantastic PR. We see this in various examples, like the Animal Cruelty video we noted above. At the same time, we have seen this with Superbowl commercials and other video advertisements as well.

The right video marketing campaigns with great soundtracks can resonate and have real PR value. There are many benefits to having the right type of music in a properly executed video marketing campaign.

Of course, to obtain these benefits, it is important to conduct your research throughout the process, and tailor your music to your target audience by utilizing tools like the customer journey builder and more to deploy an effective video ad campaign.

How to find royalty-free music websites

Before you learn more about royalty-free music websites, answer the questions below to find your ad's target.

  • Which music piece to use
  • Will my music choice goes well with the brand
  • Where do I find the right music

For the third concern mentioned above, here are five platforms you can utilize for your next ad. Along with the platforms, you will also learn about their royalty-free music capabilities. Browse around on these platforms and then organize and store your content effectively to have a more streamlined campaign.


Pixabay has images, videos, and music you can use for free. You can use this content whether it is a commercial or noncommercial ad.

Giving credit is not mandatory when you use content, but it is appreciated and can help artists immensely.

But you can not use content with an identifiable person or brand to create a misleading association with the service or product.

Music Vine

Music Vine is a pay-per-license platform you can use to get your preferred music. A pay-per license means you pay for the coverage you require or use. This can be feasible depending on the nature of your video marketing campaign.

The Music Vine website has a specific pre-cleared license available for promotional, advertisement, and branded content. If you are looking for a custom-made license for your ad, you will be required to complete a custom license request form. Then a team member can assist after that.

Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound is a platform dedicated to providing royalty-free music. You are required to pay once to use a piece of music. Then you are free to use the music however you would like and forever. The platform has a basic plan and also a plan that requires a subscription. Basic users can listen to the songs but the subscription plan gives the freedom to download songs and integrate the music with other content.


Musopen is a non-profit organization that aims at providing music for free without any copyright restrictions. Recording and sheet music are among their services. Musopen’s mission is to set music free, so you don’t have to pay anything. This is a wonderful mission that can make a difference to many different creators, marketers, and businesses.


Pond5’s licenses are royalty-free, and you can use them for personal or business projects.

Once you obtain the right music, you will want to ensure that it is up to par with your video campaign using your content studio. Before that, you will want to choose the perfect sound for your ad.

Picking the right sound for your ad

Picking the right sound for your ad can be overwhelming at first. But to understand how to choose the right sounds, you need to understand the overall purpose of the ad. The following four essential points will help you get closer to your targeted sound for your new video advertisement campaign.

Think about your target audience

Choosing the right sound comes down to how well you know your audience. You need to be able to answer the following questions with specificity.

  • What kind of identity or personality does your buyer have?
  • In which stage of their buyer journey are they in?
  • What kind of problems do they have?
  • What type of results do they want?
  • How is your service or product going to solve their problem?

Your ads should not only make sense to a specific group of people, but it should compel them to take a specific action. In many cases, when you try to appeal to everybody, you will appeal to nobody. Knowing your target audience will help you get your message across. And every ad you make needs to be in line with your target audience.

Consider your brand

You want an ad that flows. The music, the ad design, and the ad itself must point in one direction. When thinking about how you will design digital ads for your video marketing campaign, remember that the ad design should be a reflection of your brand and should align with your brand personality. An out-of-place ad can come across as ingenuine or in-authentic.

What is the content?

If the music is too much for the ad, it shifts the focus to the song rather than the ad. If the music is bland, it might not grab attention in the first place. It would be best if you avoided both cases.

You want your music to enhance the ad, not over or under shadow it. Unfortunately, the wrong music choice can lead to a failed ad campaign.

Examine your pathos

What feeling are you trying to evoke in your audience after watching your ad? Remember people are always driven by emotion when deciding to buy things. That’s why you should know about the kind of emotions you want your audience to feel after watching your ad.

Who doesn’t crave Coca-Cola after watching the ad?

That’s how you want your audience to feel, right? Imagine if they decide to purchase after watching your ad.

Increase your campaign’s success with the power of music

The power of music on the human brain is undeniable. If it can help them feel better, it can also help them buy more. Several studies indicate that consumers bought from a brand after seeing a branded video ad with compelling music on social media.

If content and music can bring more than a 50% of increase in sales, what are you waiting for? We can assist you with designing your content and crafting marketing strategies that suit your business.

We are pleased to help you make your campaign a success, if you have questions, feel free to browse around or reach out to our team today.

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