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13 Graphic Design Websites for Inspiration

If you’re looking for graphic design websites for inspiration, check out our list of the top 13 sites.

One of the most common questions graphic designers get asked is, "Where do you get your ideas?" The truth is that creative people find their ideas everywhere. Inspiration can strike at any time or anywhere. But, graphic designers don't always find their inspiration readily. Sometimes the well goes dry, and to get it flowing again, a graphic designer needs to prime the pump.

To do so, all a graphic designer needs to do is connect to the internet. Once connected, there are a myriad of websites that can help spark innovative ideas for creative projects. Graphic design website inspiration can be used to create your design or design concept. Just visiting design inspiration sites can also help you with the next steps in your current project.

To find graphic design inspiration sites, you can do your own searching or look at this list of the 13 best websites for graphic design inspiration. These sites aren't listed in any kind of order, like best to worst, or most popular to least popular. However, each site offers a unique way to spark your imagination and get your creative ideas flowing.

1. Behance

Behance is one of the services that you get when you sign up for the full Adobe Design Suite. You can also just sign up for Behance if you prefer. Essentially, Behance is a social media site for creators to showcase their work, but it also can act as one of the best design reference sites for website design 101.

This well-established site is great to browse when you're seeking inspiration. You can customize your feed by selecting keywords like photography, graphics, and illustration or by following your choice of users.

Behance also allows you to share your work, and even livestream from your desktop. Keep in mind that anyone can join Behance and post their work.

2. Awwwards

If you're looking for information on websites and user interface (UI), then Awwwards is one of the best graphic design websites to view. This site gives awards to a website every day monthly and also has honorable mentions. You can submit your website design work for the Awwwards team to judge and attend one of their conferences around the world. Additionally, you can join online web design classes about image style types, UX, UI, ThreeJS, WebGL, and creative development.

Each year Awwwards publishes a book of 365 websites that have won awards from the previous year. To view the type of websites you're interested in, you can search the site by category, tag, technology, colors, and country. Websites from around the globe are submitted, so you can see a lot of creativity when looking for inspiration here.

3. Dribbble

Like Behance, Dribbble is a community space where creative designers can showcase their work. While Dribbble is a good place to go for graphic design website inspiration, members can only join to promote their work by invitation. This means that the graphic design work on Dribbble is high quality, which makes it ideal for inspiration.

With such an abundance of talent in one marketplace, Dribbble is a great place to hire a graphic designer if you don't want to create a design on your own. You can search designs on Dribbble by category and sub-category, like animation, motion graphics, and typography, or look at trending categories for ideas.

4. Designinspiration

Designinspiration offers a free membership and a pro membership that's $5 per month or $50 per year. You can explore graphic design entries using search tags or specific topics. The pro membership allows you to create vision boards using color and creation tools. You can also sort through graphic designs by color if you have a specific color scheme you're working with.

You can create and browse collections, and also search by designer name or number.

5. Pinterest

Pinterest is open to anyone, and it is free. This site has established itself as a way to share branding and marketing inspiration. To use Pinterest for graphic design ideas, you can filter your feed in several ways using tags, or you can let Pinterest show you the categories or tags that are currently trending.

Pinterest allows any member to upload images, so you may see lower quality or stolen uploads. However, Pinterest offers a wide range of uploads, including video content. Keep this in mind when browsing through Pinterest.

6. pttrns

If you're looking for mobile design ideas, pttrns is a good website to join. You can take a look at what the site has to offer with their 3-day free trial, but you eventually have to join as a member to use pttrns. Not surprisingly, this site gives you access to mobile design patterns to inspire your own or a client's mobile app design. You can learn a lot about both UX and UI to produce easy-to-use, user-friendly interfaces.

You can research your mobile design ideas on pttrns to use your time more efficiently. You also join a global community of mobile app designers for advice and help.

7. Logoinspirations

If you're looking for logo design inspiration, Logoinspirations is the perfect place to look. You can browse and search the site for free or join for $29.99 per month or $299 per year. Your paid membership offers you admittance to any of the Logoinspiration classes.

Logoinspirations, as their name suggests, is for Logo design inspiration. They have different logo design categories offering many different logo projects. You can also follow their Instagram account where they post daily logo design inspiration.

8. Muzli Inspiration by InVision

Muzli Inspiration by InVision curates designs, news, and trends by mining web sources, such as Behance, Dribbble, ffffound, Designspiration, Techcrunch, and Mashable. Using automated curation plus human discovery, Muzli's goal is to present you with graphic design website inspiration and news that are different from what you get with a standard search engine.

Muzli provides endless resources of design ideas for creative professionals to keep them full of inspiration. On Muzli, you can find the following:

  • Websites
  • Web trends
  • Mobile sites and apps
  • Logos
  • Innovative illustrations
  • Photography projects
  • Opinions
  • Visual art
  • Posts by design experts

Muzli is available as an extension for Chrome or an app for Safari. By adding the extension, you will get inspired every time you open a new page. Plus, Muzli is free to use.

9. Instagram

Instagram is a website designed for mobile devices that started as a place to post images. Each post featured an image with minimal room for text. Eventually, Instagram was acquired by Facebook and started allowing videos and links to products and other items within the videos.

Instagram's focus has changed from a place to post photos and other images to a social media site that uses videos, live streams, and still images. There's no fee to join Instagram, and you can easily search for posts using hashtags or search for a particular user. Depending on what type of graphic design you're interested in, Instagram provides a space for community and engagement. So, you can easily connect with other designers or share your ideas.

10. One Page Love

If you frequently build landing pages or one-page websites, One Page Love offers plenty of inspiration. One Page Love is exactly what its name describes, a collection of one-page websites that you can browse by category, website format, and so forth.

One Page Love features several website and landing page templates to get you started. There is also a free newsletter subscription to keep you updated with new website designs.

11. Collectui

Collectui is a collection of UI samples you can browse for inspiration daily. You can search for web page samples by category and filter your selection using various tags. Like Muzli, Collectui curates graphic work from other sites like Dribbble with a link back to the original listing and graphic designer.

This site works well for graphic design website inspiration, allowing you to search for graphics for specific uses, like landing pages, home pages, checkout pages, signup pages, and more. You can also take advantage of mockups, design trends, and more.

12. Mobbin

Mobbin is an excellent resource for inspiration if you are interested in creating mobile designs. Mobbin features an extensive library of designs that you can use to research. You can also easily save designs that are interesting to you. Plus, tags can help you narrow down what you are searching for.

However, you have to sign up for Mobbin to start using it. In addition to various mobile designs, Mobbin has screen designs you can search for. One of the unique features of Mobbin is that you can see designs and screens belonging to apps from large corporations like Disney or Apple Pay.

13. UXArchive

UXArchive claims to be the most extensive library of mobile user flows. The site features mobile screenshots or designs for your mobile page, like logging in and out, editing, onboarding, ordering, reporting, saving, searching, and so on. You can search for an app by name or use, or you can use the user flow categories to search for the type of page you need.

Benefits of using design websites for inspiration

Why should you gather graphic design website inspiration from any of these website design sites? Why not just come up with your own design? Of course, you can completely design an entire website without any direct inspiration from any of these websites. But, why should you?

If you can work smarter by getting inspiration from an existing design, there's no reason to start from scratch. Creating a design from scratch may offer more satisfaction from a design perspective, but getting inspiration from other designs can save you a lot of time developing a brand style guide, website, or mobile app.

What other benefits can you get from using design websites for inspiration?

  • Stay up-to-date with graphic design trends.
  • Save money using templates.
  • Show your client the best blog design or website ideas so they can see how different styles look.
  • Have endless inspiration, which you can easily filter using tags or categories.
  • Learn best practices for designing internet websites and applications.

The most significant benefit is that graphic design websites introduce you to the latest graphic design trends across different industries and around the globe. So, you can gather inspiration and create a website that outshines the competition.

Choosing the best graphic design website for inspiration

With so many excellent choices, how do you choose the best graphic design website for inspiration?

Which sites are the best for you depends on what type of content each site focuses on and your design style. As such, you'll have to figure out which websites resonate with you the most.

Use sites that fit into your daily work routine. Several of the inspirational websites may only have mobile design ideas. If you're designing websites, mobile app ideas won't help.

You may also find that how each site is set up influences how much you use it. Try one or two of the sites for a week to see how much you benefit from them. Stop using the ones you don't love and try some other ones. Eventually, you will discover that certain graphic design sites are more enjoyable to use. Those are the best choices for you.

Graphic design tips

Keeping your graphic design work practical and making your designs intuitive and easy to navigate are important tips to keep in mind. Other graphic design tips to remember include:

  • Stay on brand. You will have more success with your designs if you stay on brand. Keep brand requirements handy, so you never forget to incorporate the proper branding.
  • Keep it simple. Website and app designs work best for users if they are easy to use. If you keep your graphic design simple, more users will have positive experiences with the user interface.
  • Maintain consistency. This goes hand in hand with staying on brand. Your design should build on the company's branding, so customers feel comfortable using the website. Consistency means using the same typography and colors across all digital assets. It also means that your voice and tone should remain the same, regardless of what you're writing.
  • Use white space. White space or negative space is a concept not everyone understands. White space is all of the space you don't fill with text or images. White space is important because it keeps the user focused on the essential elements of a page. One way to keep a design simple is by carefully using white space.
  • Ensure readability. Keeping a design simple helps make the UI easier to use. Part of that simplicity is how you use text or words. Readability is a sliding scale depending on who your audience will be. If your app is designed for young children, you need to use words they will recognize. Ensure your webpage is easy to read and understandable by your user base.
  • Don't copy. Using any of the resources on this page for inspiration is a good idea. That doesn't mean you should copy someone else's design. Many graphic designs are copyrighted or registered trademarks, so copying them can land you in legal trouble. Besides, your design should be uniquely yours. Give your customers a one-of-a-kind design that is customized just for them.

Are you ready to get inspired?

Finding graphic design inspiration can help you work more efficiently while keeping your website designs trendy. Take the time to see which resources you prefer to work with and how well they cut down hours of work. You will love getting faster results, and your creative imagination will love the inspirational support.

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