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Email Marketing with Google Ads: The Dynamic Duo

Like all great combos—think peanut butter and jelly, dinner and a movie, bacon and eggs—retargeting ads and email are better together. Here's your marketing 1‑2 punch.

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TIME: 30 minutes or less

As a business owner and a consumer, you know you get more value for your money when you buy products or services in a bundle.

Think about the last time you dined out in a restaurant. Did you just order the entree? Or did you pick 2 sides to make it a meal?

The same is true for your Mailchimp marketing: You get more value when you build a combo with our different channels.

That’s why we’re creating recipes for marketing combos that help you put all your Mailchimp tools to work.

In this article, you’ll learn how Google remarketing ads (also known as retargeting ads) and email campaigns work together to help you drive more traffic to your website, so you can reach a wider audience through different channels.

For most Mailchimp users, email is the bread and butter of their marketing strategy. But before you send your next email, you’ll want to set up a retargeting ad to make sure you’re recapturing folks who click through to your site and leave.

If your website gets at least 100 monthly visitors, retargeting ads will run in the background of your business to bring back people who expressed interest in your brand at the moment they’re ready to buy.

A good marketing principle to keep in mind is that most people need to hear your message 7 times before they decide to buy your product or service. And combining email with retargeting is an easy way to build visibility for your brand. Google has found that you can sell 50% more stuff when you combine retargeting with other channels.

Google has found that you can sell 50% more stuff when you combine retargeting with other channels.

If you want to promote a special event or new collection, for example, set up a retargeting ad to start reaching your website visitors and building an audience. Then, create an email with the similar content and the same call to action, so your customers will see your message through different channels and return to your site.

Plus, retargeting ads work with any budget. One of our users even made $570 by spending $1 a day for a month.  

The preparation

Step 1

Connect your site.

Step 2

Set up and publish your retargeting ad.

Step 3

Send a well-designed email with a call to action that drives people to your site.

Step 4

Let your ad run for at least a month and make tweaks based on what you’ve learned.

Your Mailchimp campaign and ad reports provide a complete picture of how, where, and when people are most likely to engage with your brand. Once you determine a goal for your marketing combo, you can use the data in your reports to make adjustments and improve your strategy.

Ready to build your marketing combo? Let’s get started.

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