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Introducing Product Blocks

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We’re passionate about helping online sellers make the most of their marketing, which is why we recently added a new type of content block to our campaign builder—Product blocks. This helpful new content block provides you with a super simple way to add 1 or more products from your connected e-commerce store to your Mailchimp campaign, in just a couple of clicks.

The backstory

Online sellers often run small operations, which means they tend to wear a lot of different hats. The same person who handles email marketing might also handle vendor relations, customer service, and order fulfillment. That’s a lot of work!

Throughout the year, we’ve introduced a number of new features, tools, and integration updates to help small businesses and online sellers improve their marketing and sell more stuff, but we realized that we needed to develop a faster, easier way for users to add buyable products from their online store to a Mailchimp campaign. And that’s how the Product block was born.

Add a Product block to your campaign

Once you’ve connected your store to Mailchimp, you’ll find the brand new Product content block available in the campaign builder. The data for each of your products is automatically synced when you connect, so when you insert the block into your campaign, you can simply browse the drop-down menu or use the search option to find the product you want.

When you pick a product, we’ll automatically pull all of the product details—including the image, title, price, and URL—from your connected store and add them into the campaign for you. No more manual uploads, no more typing redundant information, and no more typos!

You can customize and style the content block by changing the price or the product title, adding your own product description, or even customizing the call-to-action button that appears in your campaign. Then, when the campaign is sent, recipients who click on a Product block will be taken directly to the product page in your store. (Note: if you’re a Shopify user, you’ll also have the option to send recipients who click on a product directly to their Shopify cart with the item already added.) And, if a subscriber purchases one of your linked products, we’ll populate your Mailchimp reports with valuable data you can use to understand your customers, boost engagement, and measure your ROI.

Pro-tip: once you get comfortable using Product blocks, try taking it to the next level with personalized product recommendations.

Sell more stuff, save more time

Not only are product content blocks easy to use and customize, but they can help your business in a variety of different ways.

Showcase the right products

When you use the Product block to add an item from your connected store, it’s much easier to put your products in front of the right audience and sell more stuff. Perhaps you’ve got an overstock on a certain item, or you want to take advantage of a particular holiday to sell a seasonal product. Use a Product block to quickly create and send a campaign that showcases a specific item (or items) from your store.

Target the right audience

Instead of sending one campaign to everyone on your list, you can now send unique campaign content to specific segments of your audience using Predicted Demographics and pre-built segments. When you send content that really resonates with your audience, they’ll notice—and they’ll be more inclined to make a purchase!

Save time

Email plays an important role in marketing and growing your business, but we know that most online sellers have a bunch of other things on their plate, too. (Remember all of those different hats?) Our powerful campaign builder—complete with Product blocks, drag and drop functionality, and other new features like hero images—will help you build beautiful email campaigns quickly and easily, so you can spend more time focusing on all of the other stuff that makes your business run smoothly.

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