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Marketing Wisdom from the Experts

A look back at some essential advice shared by Mailchimp partners.

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If you’ve ever bounced ideas off of a friend or turned to an experienced colleague for advice, you know that 2 heads are often better than 1. Now imagine that you have over 700 experienced colleagues in your circle, ready to share their wisdom and expertise.

Mailchimp's Partner Program is exactly that—a group of seasoned professionals with a whole lot of industry knowledge learned from first-hand experience.

Our Agencies Newsletter series, once just a platform to feature innovative businesses, has since become a way to tap into our partners' wealth of knowledge. Since our very first issue detailing the successful email marketing strategies of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams to our most recent issue tackling the tactics of experienced freelancers, the series has covered a wide range of topics written with your professional development and business growth in mind.

To celebrate our 99th issue, we're taking a look back at some of the highlights of the newsletter. We'll be taking a brief hiatus from the series, but will be back in action with fresh new content in 2020. Stay tuned for details.

Demystifying the industry

If you’ve ever felt lost in a sea of industry jargon, you’re not alone. Luckily, our partners are experts in a diverse set of topics and have explained them in easy-to-understand terms.

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Deliverability basics

Need a crash course on email deliverability? Mailchimp's former VP of Operations turned VP of Engineering Joe Uhl explains how deliverability works in a way that you can easily relay to clients. Plus, the top 3 tips to help you (and your clients) avoid spam filters: keep mindful of formatting, stay on brand, and test your emails.

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Perfecting automations

Automated emails can seem tricky, but they're easier to use than you may think. Plus, they're highly effective. Design and development agency Neuralab perfected the automated email with their client, cosmetic company Wow Junkie. “We wanted to communicate direct and personalized content that users have a connection to,” says Krešimir Končić. A simple combination of welcome automation emails and abandoned cart emails helped Neuralab and Wow Junkie achieve that goal.

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Effective email copywriting

Writing compelling copy is no easy feat. That’s why Julia McCoy, CEO of Express Writers, host of The Write Podcast, and author of an online writing guide shared her 10 tips for writing email copy. A few of her suggestions? Use “you” generously, write in short sentences, and always have your copy proofed twice.

Committing to personal development

Success at work is as much about you as an individual as it is about the business as a whole. Here’s some advice from our partners about how focusing on your development can help you grow as a professional.

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Models of possibility

Atlanta-based Maurice Cherry knows some things about blazing your own trail. He left his corporate job and began freelancing⁠—later founding his own multidisciplinary studio, creating an award-winning podcast, and starting the Black Weblog Awards. He shares the 3 reasons to turn away a client, and why you shouldn’t feel bad about it.

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Email newsletter inspiration

It’s hard to pull yourself out of a work-related rut without a little encouragement. Arianne Foulks of creative marketing agency Aeolidia offers inspiration for reinvigorating your attitude towards your (or your client’s) email newsletter. Her strategies are all about positive, productive thinking. “The people on your list didn’t accidentally stumble onto it. They want to be there, and they’re actually expecting you to write to them,” she says.

Building business responsibly

Improving your business isn’t always about open rates and revenue. A few of our partners share their advice for conscientious marketing.

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Combining design and strategy

Business strategy and design may seem like polar opposite disciplines, but both sides deserve a seat at the table. Business partners Karen McKenzie and Scarlett Rosier of Rhyme & Reason Design make a conscious effort to include everyone in decisions⁠—and their clients’ results speak for themselves. Among their list of tips, they encourage open, constant communication and collaboration between strategists and designers.

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Gaining client trust

When Paul Jarvis isn’t busy crafting his weekly newsletter, creating software products, or hosting his upcoming podcast with Mailchimp Presents, he teaches Chimp Essentials online courses to over 14,000 students. One of his favorite topics to teach is why trust between a business and client is so important⁠—and how you can gain it. He breaks down the 3 core aspects of trust: confidence, competence, and benevolence.

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Want more advice, insights, and inspiration from partners? Visit our partner resources page. And if you're a freelancer, consultant, or agency who works with clients in Mailchimp, we'd love for you to apply to the Mailchimp Partner Program.

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