Lookalike Audience Finder

Find new friends who look like your best ones

Mailchimp helps millions of customers around the world, so our lookalike audience finder is backed by lots of data. When you send postcards, we’ll help you reach people who are sure to love you.

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We don't just help you find any audience—we help you find the right one.


Start with what you know

Choose how your new audience should look with the help of your contacts.


Add what we know

We’ll match your contacts' interests with people who are into similar things.


Find the right people

Mailchimp builds and helps you reach the audience you're looking for.

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Grow your audience with postcards and landing pages

See how it's done
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Find new people with the help of your fans

You know what your audience likes, engages with, and buys. Put that data to work to make sure you're finding people who are a lot like your existing customers.

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Get more for your money when you target the right audience

Make the most of your marketing budget by building an audience you know will love your stuff. Choose one of your top-performing segments—like your VIPs, repeat customers, or contacts with a specific tag—and a location, and we'll find new people who look like those contacts.

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See how many people you can reach in just a few clicks

We'll show you how many people we find before you send your postcard, so you can adjust your budget or choose a different segment to get the size of your audience just right.

Find the right audience

Create a postcard to get started.