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Product Retargeting Emails

Bring your subscribers back to buy your stuff

Remind people about the great stuff they saw on your site and invite them back to make a purchase.

An example of a product retargeting email.

Bring people back for the stuff they loved, but didn't buy.

Product Retargeting

Sell more stuff, do less work

Once you set it up, product retargeting emails are always working in the background to help you make more sales.

Show them more to love

With product recommendations built right into the template, it’s easy to show off other stuff that your customers will love.

Dashboard showing three predictive segmentation groups organized by likelihood to purchase again.

Turn shop browsers into customers

Even if they didn’t put anything in their online shopping cart, you can remind your people about what they saw on your site.

How to retarget customers

  • Connect your store to Mailchimp to bring in your customer data, then choose a list connected to your store.

    A screen that indicates your store is connected and you can choose a list to send product retargeting emails.
  • Send a message to people who browsed your newest products or best sellers either 24, 48, or 72 hours later.

    The screen where you select the details of your automation, like when you'd like to send a product retargeting email.
  • Show people the products they liked, recommend others, or add personalized offers with our easy-to-use email designer.

    The product retargeting email designer.
  • Turn it on and you’re all set. Your automated emails will start turning site visitors into paying customers.

    A product retargeting email.
A screen that indicates your store is connected and you can choose a list to send product retargeting emails.
The screen where you select the details of your automation, like when you'd like to send a product retargeting email.
The product retargeting email designer.
A product retargeting email.

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“When we send a retargeting email, customers always end up buying more than they initially set to buy when they first visited the site."

Reggie Thomas, founder of Pinship


  • Email retargeting refers to the process of reminding people about the product or services they viewed on your site. Remarketing emails can be sent out whenever potential shoppers leave your e-commerce site empty-handed to ensure your brand remains top of mind. Retargeting emails can include items inspired by a visitor’s browsing history or products they saw but never added to their cart.

    Email retargeting is a powerful marketing tool that can increase sales and engagement among existing and new contacts. By sending out remarketing emails, you can capture the attention of your subscribed contacts and provide them with tailored product recommendations that may pique their interest. The best thing is that Mailchimp’s product retargeting email tool works non-stop as long as it’s enabled, allowing you to focus on other important campaigns and projects.

  • Email retargeting tools use cookies to track the browsing activity of subscribed contacts. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer or mobile device and are used to improve your browsing experience. Cookies are often stored and used for tracking for a year or until they’re cleared from your browser.

    By using cookies to your advantage, you can remind website visitors of your products and services whenever they leave without buying anything. So, after a user visits a specific page on your site, they may receive emails with relevant information that can encourage them to finalize their purchase.

    However, you can only send retargeting emails to subscribed contacts. To maximize your reach, make sure you’re collecting email addresses. It’s also a good idea to combine this marketing tool with abandoned cart emails and targeted social media ads for a successful campaign.

  • Have you ever received an email reminding you about the products you viewed or added to your wishlist but never purchased? That’s one example of a retargeting email. Another example is when you receive an email highlighting similar products that may interest you. Some of these emails may even have promo codes or special offers to get you to finish shopping.

    If you want to drive visitors back to your e-commerce site, product retargeting emails can help you do just that. Here are a few email retargeting best practices :

    • Personalize remarketing emails to suit the needs of individual subscribed contacts
    • Include product recommendations
    • Send retargeting emails at the most engaging times
  • To start retargeting emails on Mailchimp, you’ll first need to connect your e-commerce store to our platform. This will allow you to share your subscribed contacts with us and ensure they receive remarketing emails. Then, determine your retargeting rules based on the needs of your business. You’ll have the option to send retargeting emails to visitors 24 to 72 hours after viewing your new products or best sellers.

    Once that’s done, you can design your email using our retargeting email templates. We have several customizable templates to choose from, so you can design your email however you like. Remember, the best retargeting emails are personalized and contain recommendations or offers.

    After that, you can turn on your email remarketing campaign and start closing the gap between visitors and loyal customers.

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