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After you've sent a few campaigns in Mailchimp, it won't be long before you've got lots of cool data to work with. Segments are a great way to use that data to send targeted campaigns to subscribers who have something in common.

If you're new to segments, or want a shortcut to targeted sending, Mailchimp offers a selection of pre-built segments based on campaign activity, purchase history, and other valuable information.

Depending on your plan, you may not have access to all of our pre-built segments. To find out what features are included in each plan, check out our pricing page.

In this article, you'll learn about pre-built segments and how to use them.


Before we go into more detail, let's go over some terms we use when we talk about pre-built segments.

A contact who has signed up to receive emails from you.

A section of your audience that includes contacts with common field information.

Pre-built segment
An automatically generated segment based on contact information or activity.

Campaign Builder
The part of Mailchimp you'll use to create, design, and send an email campaign. The Campaign Builder has different sections where you'll choose recipients, set up campaign information, choose a template, add content, and send or schedule delivery.

Ad Builder
The part of Mailchimp you'll use to create a social media ad campaign. The Ad Builder has different sections where you'll choose an audience, add content, and schedule your ad.

Predicted Demographics
A Mailchimp Pro feature that is also available to paid users with e-commerce 3.0 data in their account. This feature uses data science to predict the gender and age of your subscribers. To learn more, check out About Predicted Demographics.

How pre-built segments work

When a subscriber's traits or behaviors match certain conditions, like how much time has passed since they last opened one of your campaigns, we automatically add them to a pre-built segment of similar subscribers.

For example, if you have a subscriber who's opened at least one of your recent campaigns, we'll place them in Active Subscribers. Meanwhile, someone who hasn't opened any of your last five campaigns will end up in Inactive Subscribers. Pretty neat, right?

If none of our pre-built segments work for you, use them as inspiration to build your own custom segments. To illustrate, let's consider that Inactive Subscribers segment. If five missed campaigns in a row doesn't match your standard of inactivity, you might want to create a new segment defined by a higher or lower number of unopened campaigns.

Getting Started with Segments

Create and Send to a Segment

All the Segmenting Options

Types of pre-built segments

Some pre-built segments are located on the audience dashboard, while others are located in the Segment drop-down for different campaign builders.

On the audience dashboard


Your Mailchimp audience includes a dashboard with clickable insights about your audience, so you can quickly launch campaigns for specific segments. Depending on the type of account you have and the data in your audience, you'll find pre-built segments based on signup source, location, email marketing engagement, likelihood to purchase again, and other valuable information.

To learn more, read About the Audience Dashboard.

In the campaign builder

Pre-built segments in the campaign builder fall into three different categories:

  • Subscriber Engagement
  • Customer Behavior
  • Demographics

Subscriber engagement

Subscriber Engagement segments are available to all Mailchimp users. These segments are based on the date subscribers sign up for your emails, as well as how they interact (or don't interact) with your campaigns.

Pre-Built SegmentConditions
New SubscribersSubscribers who have signed up for your emails in the past seven days.
Active SubscribersSubscribers who have opened at least one of your last five campaigns.
Inactive SubscribersSubscribers who haven't open any of your last five campaigns.

Customer behavior

Customer Behavior segments require that you have API 3.0 e-commerce data in your account. This data can come from integrations like Mailchimp for Magento, Mailchimp for BigCommerce, and custom API 3.0 integrations.

Pre-Built SegmentConditions
Potential CustomersSubscribers who haven't made a purchase from your store.
Recent CustomersCustomers who have purchased in the past 30 days.
First-time CustomersSubscribers who made their first purchase in the past 30 days.
Repeat CustomersCustomers who have placed at least two orders from your store.
Lapsed CustomersCustomers who haven't purchased in the past eight months.


Demographics segments are available with Mailchimp Pro, and to paid users who connect their store, and are based on data from Predicted Demographics.

Pre-Built SegmentConditions
MaleSubscribers who we infer are male.
FemaleSubscribers who we infer are female.
Under the age of 35Subscribers who we infer are under the age of 35.
Over the age of 35Subscribers who we infer are age 35 or older.

What you can do with pre-built segments

We designed our pre-built segments to help you quickly find the right recipients for your campaigns. For example, you might want to use the pre-built segment New Subscribers to send a friendly welcome series to subscribers recently added to your audience.

Here are some other ways you might use pre-built segments.

  • Welcome New Subscribers with a Supporter Onboarding automation.
  • Send Repeat Customers a promotional campaign with a special reward or discount.
  • Target subscribers Under the age of 35 with a promotional campaign for a specific product.
  • Create an Instagram or Facebook ad for a pre-built segment of inactive subscribers.

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