Mailchimp vs. Klaviyo

Klaviyo is up to 3 times more expensive than Mailchimp and offers only a fraction of the functionality. See why millions of businesses choose us for Email Marketing and E‑Commerce.

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A grid comparing the features Mailchimp has compared to Klaviyo and showing the differences.
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Average monthly cost for an audience of 10,000 contacts
Average monthly cost based on a list of 10,000 subscribers
Abandoned Cart Messages
Remind customers when they have abandoned their carts by sending them automated emails with their cart information. Unlike Klaviyo, Mailchimp also allows you to set up abandoned cart postcards to give shoppers that extra nudge to finish checking out.
Personalized Product Recommendations
Target different audiences with tailored promotions. Mailchimp allows you to integrate your sales data and will rank up to 10 suggestions to show each of your customers. Showcase products to segments of your audience that share specific buyer preferences.
Pre-built E-commerce Audience Segments
Tailor your marketing campaign easily to just about any customer attribute, including geographic location, shopping behavior, history of engagement, or birthday.
Product Retargeting Emails
Turn casual browsers into paying customers by reminding them why they lingered on your site and bringing them back to seal the deal. Mailchimp product retargeting emails capture what products customers browsed, whether or not they made it to the cart.
Order Notifications
Help your customers track orders, reduce the time you spend on routine customer questions, extend your brand, and open up a new avenue for sales. Mailchimp order notifications give you the ability to include product recommendations to drive sales growth.
Shoppable Landing Pages
Design brand-worthy, shoppable landing pages in minutes to highlight products and promote offers, sales, and contests. Customers can buy straight from Mailchimp landing pages. They work with Square, so you don’t need an e-commerce store for payments.
A/B Testing for Revenue
Experiment with different versions of the same campaign to understand what works and what doesn’t based on open rate, click rate, and total revenue. Mailchimp allows you to test subject lines, “from” names, content, and send times.
200+ Integrations
Connect more of your tools for better cross-cutting customer insights. Mailchimp works with Shopify and can integrate with 200+ other web services and applications, including Zapier.
Custom URLs for Emails and Landing Pages
Highlight your brand with custom URLs for emails and landing pages to more personally engage with customers as they’re deciding whether to take the next click.
Send Time Optimization
Determine when your contacts are most likely to open your campaigns. Mailchimp can surface winning combinations of dates and times based on subscriber characteristics such as age, location, occupation, and more.
Google Remarketing Ads
Reach back out to people who have left your site when they’re ready to buy. Mailchimp makes it easy. You can design and run ads in a few clicks.
Facebook and Instagram Ads
Reach new audiences on social. You can create, edit, and publish Facebook and Instagram ads without ever leaving your Mailchimp account.
Tag-triggered Automations
Use tags to create highly targeted automated messaging. Anything you know about your Mailchimp contacts can be the basis for creating tags and segmenting audiences by them. Examples are: shops sales, buys seasonally, and loves social.
Award Winning Customer Support
Mailchimp offers award-winning customer support. Additionally, Mailchimp’s comprehensive Knowledge Base offers dozens of video tutorials.
Landing Pages
Use landing pages to capture valuable prospect information and grow your audience. Mailchimp offers free drag-and-drop templates, with unlimited publishing.
Add printed postcards for multi-channel reach to share promo codes and reinforce your messages with a personal touch. Expand your reach with Mailchimp's lookalike audience finder that helps you find new relevant audiences who are similar to your contacts.
Mobile App
Keep tabs on your marketing campaigns any time, wherever you are. The Mailchimp app gives you access to create and send ad and email campaigns, check performance numbers, and add and manage contacts. Whether you use iOS or Android, we have you covered.
The Klaviyo app only works on iOS.
Inbox Preview
Make sure your campaign looks as you intend it, no matter what email services your customers use. Mailchimp identifies the most popular services among your customers, gives you a preview across more than 40 of them, and lets you tweak before you send.

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You’ll be in good company

Get 3 times more channels

With Mailchimp, you can design and launch marketing campaigns that talk to your customers across 6 different channels. Klaviyo only offers 2 channels, which means that you’ll have to rely on third-party apps to do everything Mailchimp can right out of the box.

Campaigns across 4+ channels outperform dual-channel campaigns by 300%.

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Connect more of your tools, get better insights

Mailchimp integrates with 200+ different apps and web services, so you'll always have the option to use the tools that make sense for your business. While Klaviyo limits their focus to Shopify, we connect with dozens of store builders, so you can use your customer data to unlock powerful features and make smarter marketing decisions.

Never miss an opportunity to sell

Our e-commerce automations give you the power to create abandoned cart messages that remind customers what they’ve left behind, send personalized product recommendations based on shopping behavior, bring back shoppers with remarketing ads, and more. And with our testing tools, it’s easy to learn about your audience and improve your campaigns, so you can reach your goals faster.

“Mailchimp is like a virtual sales team that sends retargeting emails, provides new product suggestions for current customers, and increases revenue by placing products directly in our customer’s inbox.”

-Capterra reviewer

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See how it all adds up

Monitor the sales impact of all your campaigns—across all your marketing channels—in one place. Our detailed revenue reports make it easy to see who made a purchase after opening a campaign, what they bought, and how much money you’ve earned. And while Klaviyo keeps you tethered to your desk when you need to get things done, the free Mailchimp mobile app puts real-time reporting data at your fingertips.

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